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Pharm Unit

working hard

Niacin causes what adverse reaction Tingling
A pt. receiving gemfibrizol.What instructions should you give to patient This drug may cause drowsiness so be caution while driving
taking hyperlipidemics what ongoing assessment should be included. frequent monitoring of blood cholestrol level
What effects b/w these 2 medications, pravastatin and amiodarone should be monitored. increase risk of myopathy
What condition is contraindicated for a patient that should not receive clofibrate? If there triglyceride level is high Primary Biliary cirrhosis
what instructions should be givin to a patient that is prescribed cholestyramine increase foods high in fiber
How much fluid should colestipol granules be mixed with 90ml of fluid
What time of thwe day should you take lovastatin with an evening meal
how can Verapamil be given for someone with swallowing difficulty open capsul and sprinkle over food
Anticoagulants given with this drug may have an enhanced effect Gemfibrozil
Hyperlipidemia elevated triglicerides and cholesterol
Atherlipidemai deposits od lipid within the lining of vessels
LDL transport cholestrol to the periphral cells
HDL transport cholestrol to and from the periphral cells to the liver
Lovastatin Mevacor
Simvastatin Zocar
Cholestyramine Prevalile
Gemfibrozil Lopid
Pravastatin Pravachol
Hypertension BP stays elevated over time
Prehypertension Systloic BP 120/139 or Diagstolic 80/89
Primary HTN No known cause
Secondary HTN Direct cause and can be identified as kidney disease.
Normal BP 120/80
Amlodipine Norvasc
Diltiazem Cardizem
Nicardipine Cardene
Captopril Capoten
Lisinopril Prinivil
Ongoing assessment for pt. taking hyperlipids should include monitoring of bood cholesterol level prescribed sequestrant colesevelam. What condition should the pt. monitoring for starting this medication liver disease
Losartan has been prescribed for hypertension and the pt has stopped taking the medication due to adverse reaction. What may happen rebound hypertenstion
A pt with renal disease, has had an increase in blood pressure. what condition can be caused from renal disease secondary hypertension
Aldosterone works with ace inhibitors (ACEI) to do what for hypertension sodium and water retention
A pt taking fluconazole for fungul infection. Name a risk associated with taking losartan along with this drug Risk of an adverse reaction of Losartan
How long should a transdermal patch of clonidine be worn 7 days
A pt is receiving nitroprusside for hypertensive emergency. What condition should be assessed hypotensive crisis
NTG tablets are placed b/w the cheek and gums. what is the route buccal
how long should a transdermal patch of NTG be applied for 10-12 hrs
what should be givin for angina Nicardipine
intructions for outpt. application of NTG should include use applicater for applying an ointment
Teaching for administration of sublingual should include recap tightly
a pt receiving diltiazem. what vs should this drug be held for and reported to the MD heart rate less than 45
Amlodipine has been given for angina and the pt is complainingod dizziness. what should the nurse instruct the pt to do lay down
angiotension 11 receptors stimulate the release of this hormone and causes water and sodium retention Aldosterone
monitor cholesterol levels frquently ezetimibe
cholestyramine A powder form and mix it with water
verapamil Calan
The most used ace inhibitors and is cheap Lisinopril
nitroprusside Nitropress
Verapamil Calan
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