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Europe Test redo

Organization formed to protect human rights Council of Europe
Parcels of land reclaimed from the sea Polders
Classical musicians, Vienna, Lipizzaner horses Austria
Red Cross headquarters, watches, banks Switzerland
An imaginary line in the Pacific Ocean that seperates days International Date Line
**The "Eternal City" Rome
**They ruled Europe until approx. 1500 years ago Romans
Eastern Orthodox religion Greece
**Straight that seperates Spain from Africa Gibraltar
Birthplace of Western Civilization Athens
Organization of former Soviet republics after the Collapse of the Soviet Union Commonwealth of Independent States
Nomadic herders in Scandinavia Saami
**"White Russia" Belarus
Auschwitz Nazi Death Camp Poland
Formed in 1957 to improve trade and cooperation between European coutries European Union
The "Holy See" Vatican City
A French Island Corsica
A transportation system between England, France, and Belgium Eurotunnel
"Low Countries" Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg
The world's largest country Russia
A country ruled by a duke Dutchy
The body of water betwen England and France English Channel
European currency shared by many countries Euro
The highest point in Europe Mount Elbrus
The Black Forest, the Brothers Grimm, cuckoo clocks Germany
The leader of the Russian Revolution Lenin
Sweden Stockholm
**The lowest point in Europe Caspian Sea
The largest marshland in Europe Pinsk
Northern Ireland Ulster
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