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Adolescence-Ch. 11


Adolescent growth spurt a sudden, brief burst of physical growth during which adolescents typically make great gains in height and weight
Puberty the period of sexual maturation; the onset of one's ability to reproduce
Primary sex characteristic the organs that make sexual reproduction possible, such as the ovaries and testes
Secondary sex characteristic sexual characteristics that are not involved in reproduction, such as the growth of facial hair in males and rounding of hips and breasts in females
Menarche a females first menstrual period
Clique a small, exclusive group of people within a larger group
Crowd large groups of people who share attitudes and a group identity
Identity crisis a period of inner conflict during which one examines one's values and makes decisions about one's life direction
Identity status one of four reaction processes in the evelopment of identity during adolescence
Identity moratorium a period of time in the development of identity in which a person delays making a decision about important issues but actively explores various alternatives
Identity foreclosure the act of making a commitment based on other's values in order to avoid and identity crisis
Identity diffusion the constant search for meaning and identity without committing oneself to a set of personal beliefs or an occupational path
Identity acheivment a stage in identity development in which a person has committed to an occupational direction and made decisions about important life questions
Anorexic nervosa an eating disorder characterized by extreme weight loss due to self-starvation
Bulimia an eating disorder in which enormous quantities of food are consumed and then purged by means of laxatives or self-induced vomiting
Juvenile delinquency a violation of the law committed by a child or adolescent
Status offence an action that is illegal when commited by a minor, such as consuming alcohol
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