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Executive Branch Test

What are all of the president's hats? Chief of party, chief legislator, chief administrator, chief citizen, chief executive, chief of state, chief diplomat, commander-in-chief
what is the President's role as chief of party? Head of their political party.
What is the President's role as chief legislator? he outlines the direction for Congress primarily through the State of the Union Address.
What is the President's role as chief administrator? directs administration
What is the president's role as chief citizen? representative of all the American people
What is the president's role as chief executive? executing laws
What is the president's role as Chief of state? ceremonial head
What is the President's role as chief diplomat? architect of foreign policy
What is the President's role as commander-in-chief? head of the military
What are the formal Qualifications for becoming president? natural born citizen, 35+ years of age, 14+ years in the United States
What are the informal qualifications for becoming president? married, male, Christian, clean police record, past government experience, college educated
What are some of the benefits to being President? White house, Camp David, Air Force One, lifetime health care, $400,000 annual salary + a $50,000 allowance
What is the role of the vice president? to break ties in the Senate- I am nothing, but may become everything...John Adams
What is the twelfth amendment? the 12th amendment says that the President chooses his vice president as a running mate, the VP is not the runner up after votes are tallied.
What is the 22nd amendment? A president is limited to two terms of 10 years
What is the 23rd amendment? D.C. gets the right to vote!
What are three flaws of the electoral college? -the popular vote winner does not always become president. -members of the electoral college are not required to vote with the popular vote -any vote may end up being decided in the House of Representatives
How many electoral votes does each state get? as many seats as they have in congress
How many electoral votes does MI have? 17
What is the difference between a caucus and a primary? A caucus is public voting, a primary is private voting
What is a national convention? When the electoral votes from each states are tallied and a party formally nominates their candidate.
What are three reasons that the presidency has grown? -Strong presidents have expanded the power -Times of crisis necessitate the expansion of the executive branch -technological and social changes have required executive intervention
The other two reasons why the presidency has grown? -Congress has delegated the enforcement of more policies to the executive branch -the presidency is held by an individual: no compromise necessary
What are the President's powers and duties listed under Article II, section 2 -grant federal pardons, reprieves, and clemancy -make treaties and the federal appointments listed in the Constitution -make recess appointments
What is the purpose of the State of the Union Address? It is the president's opportunity to outline his legislative plans and specify his priorities for the coming year
What is the Ordinance power? The president can issue orders and authorize his subordinates to issue orders
What is an example of the Ordinance power? FDR called for oil rations during WWII
What is the appointment power? The president may appoint: federal judges, ambassadors and diplomats, cabinet members and their top aides, heads of independent agencies (like the EPA)
What is an example of the appointment power? President Obama appointed Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagen to the Supreme Court
What is the removal power? The president may remove any officers he can appoint except for judges on the Supreme Court
What is an example of the removal power? President Lyndon Johnson removed his secretary of war, Edward Stanton.
Describe the president's power to make treaties. The president may negotiate treaties with other heads of state (requires a 2/3 Senate approval)
What is an example of a presidential treaty? A failed treaty was Wilson's Treaty of Versailles- didn't pass in Senate
What is the power to make executive agreements? The president can make a pact between himself and other heads of state
What is an example of an executive agreement? Destroyers-for-bases deal with Great Britain (by FDR in 1940)
What is the power to recognize? The president may acknowledge the legal existance of a country
What is an example of the power to recognize? Truman recognized Israel as a country in 1948
What is an example of the President's power as commander-in-chief? head of the nation's military
What is an example of the president acting as commander-in-chief? President Johnson (with congressional support) sends troops into Vietnam (1964)
What does foreign policy encompass? how you deal with another country- economically, socially, militarily
What id President Obama's general philosophy on foreign policy? Other countries should ask for help before we throw it upon them.
What are some characteristics of the Democratic party? -liberals -loose interpretation of the Constitution -save economy with deficit spending - more involvement of federal government -equality (particularly economic equality)
What are some characteristics of the Republican party? -conservative -strict interpretation of the Constitution -federal goverment stay out! -save economy with cuts to lots of programs -capitalism!!! -individual responsibility
Why do we have a two party system? (3 reasons) -tradition! -single-member districts! -American ideological consensus: fairly similar ideals, the winner must win majority of votes
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