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a due to be played by both, as by first and second flute
avec with
colla parte with the other part; often refers to accomodating the soloist at that place in the score
come prima as before
con with; seen in other forms as a contraction with the article in Italian
en dehors out in front of; means the part so marked should be projected through the ensemble; it must be heard
erstes mal the first time
etwas somewhat
forte possible as loud as possible
frappe; frapper the downbeat; to beat a time
gleich quickly
glissez; glisser slide; to slide
immer always
l'istesso the same
marcato marked, accented
meno less
mezzo half
modo style, manner
morendo dying away
moto motion
muta change
ohne without
ossia otherwise
petit little
piacere, a piacere at pleasure
piu more
ripieno similar to tutti
sans without
schnell quick, rapid, presto
scordatura tuning contrary to the normal
sec, secco dry, very short
segue follow
sehr very
senza without
smorzando suddently dying away
sotto voce in an undertone, soft voice
stentato labored
stimme a single voice or part in the score
strepitoso noisily
strisciando, strisciato legato motion, smooth
subito suddenly
troppo too much
tutti the whole ensemble
unisoni in unison
accelerando gradually increasing the tempo
ad libitum at liberty
affrettando excitedly, increasing the tempo
a punto exactly in rhythm
langsam, langsamer slow, slower
rubato varying the note values within the rhythm, not strictly as written
stretto condensing, accelerating the tempo
stringendo accelerating the tempo
tacet silent; usually means the particular instrument does not play in that movement of the work
taglio a cut
takt the time, the measure, rhythmically; sometimes, an accenting of the first beat in the measure
tempo rubato not strictly in tempo
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