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Unit 206

Trowel craft FCA

The putting down of concrete. placing
This may be a common finish to a concrete drive. brush
Drawings are usually produced by an -. architect
We do this when we keep the concrete moist. cure
Good concrete would not have these. voids
One method of calculating volumes. centreline
This is not the cement or the sand. aggregate
You will need this to retain the concrete. adhesive
The water affects the - of concrete. formwork
Bonding agents will increase the -. adhesion
For every 50kg, only 15 litres are necessary for-. hydration
You could get this in hot weather. expansion
Is this necessary for full compaction? vibration
One form of transporting concrete. wheelbarrow
Test - are usually 150mm x 150mm x 150mm. cubes
This determines whether the concrete is too wet. slumptest
This should preferably be under the slab. hardcore
A typical - of concrete might be C30P. grade
This could stop the damp rising. membrane
Is this a gentle easing away? striking
You will normally find this in a lintol. reinforcing
Test cubes are placed in a curing-. tank
Created by: Julia Garner