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Stack #84344

Bricks and Mortar

Could this be a quickening in the setting time? plasticiser
There are 215mm x 102.5mm x 65mm. bricks
Builder's - stock most building materials merchants
This makes the mortar workable. accelerator
This is fully descriptive. specification
It wouldn't set without this. cement
You should always following manufacturer's -. instructions
These boxes should be used to measure amounts. mitre
Complete this statement ' Oridinary - cements' Portland
Length x width x thickness = volume
This one was prepared earlier! concrete
This drawing consist of a plan, front elevation and end elevation orthographic
This could be finish or backing plaster
We use these to act as a means of communication. drawings
When slaked, this becomes - lime. hydrated
These may be dense or lightweight. blocks
The abbreviation for Ordinary Portland Cement is- OPC
1:3:6 is a typical - ratio
This may be orthographic. diagram
This could be by hand. mixing
In a 1:2:4 mix, the number 2 would be - sand
All sloping lines are at 30 degrees in this type of drawing. isometric
These can be either coarse or fine. sands
Created by: Julia Garner