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Psychology Test #1

Psychology Test material

Difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist can prescribe medication
Define: Savant (dealing with autism) Someone who excels at one area but fails at others.
In what setting does the highest percentage of psychologists work? Clinical counselling; private therapy setting.
Who established the first psychology laboratory in Germany? Wilhelm Wundt
"Turning red in the face" or "hot under the color" connects to which approach? Biological Approach
Define: Psychology The systamatic, scientific study of behaviors and mental process.
4 goals of Psychology Describe, explain, predict, control or change
What term best describes someone who wants to be totally accepted? Unconditional Possible Regard
A psychologist who focuses on criminal matters is a what? Forensic
"Give me a child and I can raise it into anything I can imagine it to be." Who said this? John B. Watson
Someone who has problems communicating and rocks back and forth probably has what? Autism
What is the method based on numbers and statistics? Quantitative
Is a case study only allowed to be one person? No, it can be a group of people with one topic in mind.
What is the placebo effect? Something that tricks you into feeling better and can sometimes actually work.
Names of the Qualitative studies Biography; Phenomenology; Grounded Theory; Ethnography; and Case study
What is the term for a relation between two factors? Correlation
What is the term for someone who looks inward to examine themselves? Introspection
What is the name of Sigmund Freud's theory? Psychoanalytic or Psychodynamic
Why would you choose Qualitative research methods? Narrative, more personal
What kind of research is need for one to say "this causes this"? A True Experiment
What kind of psychologist believes that you MUST measure it and see it? Behavior Modification
Who are 2 well know humanists? Karl Rodgers & Abraham Maxwell
What term describes when our true self does not match up with our imagines self? Incongrent
Define: Tabula Rasa "blank slate" the way that a baby is when they are first born.
Theory of personality Psychodynamic Super Ego, Ego, ID
Looking into the subconscious to find the reason for something is? Psychodynamic.
Being stressed is what manner of thinking? Cognitive--active thoughts
Who was the first female president of the American Psychological Association? Mary Calkins
Self concept, freewill, be all that one can be--what perspective in psychology is this? Humanistic
Cross cultural approach studies what? Different cultures
Chi phenomenon is what perspective? Gestalt
Define: Hypothesis Educated guess.
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