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Alzheimers: Pharm

Pharmacology of Alzheimer's disease

What is the etiology of Alzheimer's Disease? ACh is down (90% by the time symptoms occur) Neurofibrillary Tangles Neuritic Plaques
what is an early symptom of Alzheimer's DIsease? Impaired Judgement
What is the action of Cholinesterase inhibitors? These AD drugs inhibit the breakdown of ACh which leads to increased levels of ACh
name 4 Cholinesterase inhibitors Tacrine DOnepezil galantamine rivastigmine
which of the cholinesterase inhibitors are very risky to the liver? Tacrine
What tests monitor liver function? AST ALT Albumin Partial protein Total protein
What are the adverse effects of Cholinesterase inhibitors? n/v/d dyspepsia dizziness headache bronchoconstriction
who should be cautioned when using cholinesterase inhibitors? people with Asthma/COPD because an adverse effect can be bronchoconstriction
what is dyspepsia? metallic taste in mouth
What type of drug is Tacrine? Cholinesterase inhibitor
what is the mechanism of action for Tacrine? reversable inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down ACh
what route is tacrine admninistered? orally
what is a downfall of tacrine? it must be administered q6h which is difficult for people to comply to, especially patients suffering from Alzheimer's Disease
What is Donepezil? A Cholinesterase inhibitor
what is the advantage of Donepezil? it has a longer half life (doesn't have to be administered as often) No risk to liver
what is the mechanism of action of donepezil? same as tacrine reversable inhibition of the enzyme that breaks down ACh
what is the major side effects of donepezil? n/v/d
What is memantine? an NMDA receptor antagonist
what is the mechanism of action of memantine? prevents excess calcium influx. calcium in high amounts intracellularly can impair memory and learning
metabolism and excretion of memantine: not metabolized excreted in urine
How does estrogen help in AD? it doesn't
what are the effects of NSAIDS on AD? decreases incidence by 80%
Fact: Gingko Bilopa helps AD true
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