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RADT 456 Img Acq/Eva

Unit 4 Image Acquisition and Evaluation

When a structure is angled within the body and not parallel to the IR Foreshortened
Occurs when x-ray tube is angled Elongation
When image details placed away from the path of CR will be exposed to more divergent rays Rotation distortion
The smaller the focal spot, the _______ the geometrically recorded detail. Better
The finite area on the tungsten target that is actually bombarded by electrons from the filament. Actual Focal Spot
The foreshortened size of the focus as it is projected down toward the IR is The Effective Focal Spot
In 1986, Thomas Edison developed the _______ ______ intensifying screen that reduced the required exposure to a fraction of that needed without screens. Calcium Tungstate
List rare earth phosphors: Gadolinium, lanthanum, and yttrium
A particular phosphor's ability to absorb x-ray energy and convert it to fluorescent light energy Conversion Efficiency (CE)
Phosphors with a _____ atomic number have a greater likelihood of interacting with and x-ray photon and therefore possess a greater speed. High
Calcium tungstate emits _______ fluorescence. Blue
Rare earth screens emit ________ fluorescence. Blue or green
Refers to luminescence from fluoroscopic screen phosphors Phosphorescence
Phosphors used in fluoroscopy cesium iodide and zinc cadmim sulfide
As phosphor size increases, more surface area is available for x-ray photon capture, resulting in an _________ in screen speed. Increase
Screen speed and phosphor layer are _______ related. directly
Slower (detail) screens are commonly used for _______ exams. Extremity
Faster screens are used for ________ _________. general radiography
A related problem with screens and resolution. Quantum mottle
Most laser film must be handled in total darkness
Windowing describes the practice of changing the image contrast and/or density
Unopened boses of film should be stored away from radiation and in vertical position
The purpose of automatic processor's transport system is to move the film and change its direction
Misalignment of the tube-part-IR relationship results in Shape distortion
Small cresent-shaped artifacts on the processed x-ray film usually are a result of Acute bending of the film before or after exposure
Using a 48 inch SID, how much OID must be introduced to magnify an object 2 times? 24 inches
The direction of the electron travel in the x-ray tube is Cathode to anode
For the same FOV, spatial resolution will be improved using a larger matrix
The reduction in x-ray photon intensity as the photon passes through material is called Attenuation
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