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RADT 456 Equip Oper

Unit 5 Equip Oper and Quality Control

Measured in hertz Frequency
Wavelenth and frequency are _________ related. Inversely
The distance between successive crests Wavelenth
X-ray photons emerging from a part and help contribute to the formation of an image Remnant or exit beam
The gradual decrease in exposure rate as radiation passes through tissues Attenuation
Incoming photon's energy is absorbed as it ejects an inner shell electron from orbit Photoelectric Effect
Incoming photon uses part of its energy to eject outer shell electron; the photon changes direction (scatters) but retains much of its energy Compton Scatter
Photoelectric effect contributes to ________ dose. Patient
Compton scatter contributes to ________ dose. Occupational
Change mechanical energy to electrical energy Generators
Change electrical energy into mechanical energy Motors
Height of the wave Amplitude
Number of cycles per second Frequency
Amplitude and polarity of the current vary periodically with time Alternating Current (AC)
An AC, producing a continuosly moving magnetic field is necessary for _______ ________ to occur. Mutual Induction
The degree to which transformers increase the voltage is determined by Turns Ratio
Transformers that increase the voltage Step-up Transformers
Positve electrode of the x-ray tube Anode
Negative electrode of the x-ray tube Cathode
Vacuum of the x-ray tube Glass Envelope
Air within glass envelope (eventually leads to oxidation and burnout of filament). Gassy Tube
Filament is made of _______. Tungsten
The anode rotates at approximately ________. 3,600 rpm
Part of induction motor that in outside of the glass envelope Stator
Part of induction motor that is inside the glass envelope Rotor
The width of the beveled focal track Actual Focal Spot
The effective focal spot is always smaller than the actual focal spot Line Focus Principle
4 causes of tube failure: Vaporized tungsten, pitted anode, cracked anode, and gassy tube
Primary control center for the computer consisting of a control unit, arithmetic unit, and memory Central Processing Unit
As matrix size increases, there are more and smaller pixels which results in improved Spatial Resolution
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