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Science info

What is science? The way of gathering and organizing information about the world
Goal of science? to understand the world around you
What is data? recorded observations and measurements
What is observation? (three things) a way to gain knowledge; we use our senses; and also tools
Classify? putting objects in groups by how they are a like
Infer/ Hypothesis an educated guess or proposed solution to a scientific problem
Estimation a careful guess used to estimate Ex( size,speed,distance, time, age)
Measurements exact information you carefully gather (data) Ex( distance,speed,time,volume
Predict stating or saying what is going to happen in the future (based on past knowledge & experiences)
Analyze studying data while looking for trends and patterns
Experiments a way to test a hypothesis 1)variable experiment and 2) control experiment
Variable the factor that is being tested
Independent variable causes the change
Dependent variable changes in response
Graphs in science bar, line, pie(circle)
circle(pie) graph a divided circle; shows how something relates to the total; shows fractions and %s
Bar graph good way to compare data; only shows one set of data
Line graph has lines; used to express a relationship between two factors or variables
x-axis horrizontal line; independent variable (time)
y-axis vertival line; dependent variable
Created by: Jesuslover1998