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How many trainees make up a detail? 2-4 trainees
How many trainees make up a flight? Five or more
( marching, who is the last person to enter the building? Flight Leader
(1.4.8.) When departing the building, should the flight leader be the first or last person? First person
(1.5.2.) When multiple persons report to a commissioned staffs office at the same time, where must the senior person stand? The senior trainee must be centered at the door.
Does the senior person center on the door or do they center the group on the door? Senior person centers on door
( Who salutes when reporting as a group to a commissioned staff cubicle or office? Flight leader (or senior trainee) is the only one to salute on the way in and everyone salutes as they leave.
(1.6.2.) If provided permission to return to the dorms by someone other than your Flt/CC, in what time frame must you report this to your FLt/CC? What information must you provide? Time, duration and reason to Flt/CC within one duty day
(1.6.11) When challenging any unknown personnel found in the dorms, what do you ask? Ask to see ID and purpose for being in the dormitory
(1.7.8) Who authorizes spirit missions? Spirit missions must be approved by the owning SS/CC or higher. The Academy of Military Science/Detachment 12, Minute Man statue is off limits to spirit missions.
( At what training phase are trainees permitted to use their cell phones throughout the day? Only trainees in 3rd Lt/1st-Class/Phase three status or higher are authorized to carry or use phones during Scheduled Military Training (SMT) while assigned at OTS. All other trainees require Flt/CC approval or higher to carry or use phones during SMT.
( What hand must the attaché cases be carried? Are there exceptions to this rule? in details, carry case on left side. If 1 case, it must be carried by hand. If 2 cases, u may carry a case in each hand or shoulder strap. in formation, carry in the inside hand. one exception is a flt carry flashlights in outside hand.
(1.7.4.) What is maltraining? Provide some examples. Maltraining is any training practice that is not designed to meet a training objective.
(1.7.8.) Who is required to clean up spirit missions when completed? Group responsible
(1.7.8.) What is off limits during spirit missions? The Academy of Military Science
(1.7.11.) Under which Article of the UCMJ is it a violation of if you fail to report a violation of another? Failure to report is punishable under Article 92 of the UCMJ as this manual, a directive publication, requires it.
(1.9.9.) Are trainees permitted to utilize approved OTS Complex facilities after Call to Quarters? Call to Quarters is the time during privilege period by whichall must have returned & signed back into the dorms. Once signed in, trainees may use approved OTS Complex facilities, including the OTS Shoppette &Fairchild Center (library) 4official business.
(2.1.1) In formations of three of four trainees, the formation is properly sized regardless of rank. In details of two, who marches on the right? Senior Ranking Person
( 2.2.1.) What is the formation leader’s first responsibility? Safety
(2.2.3) What are instances in which you are not allowed to double time? Crossing the street, before one hour after a meal, or during hours of darkness
( Which hand does the road guard raise to face oncoming traffic? Does it matter? Right Hand
(2.6) In what FPCON, does marching become restrictive? In flights or smaller. FPCON BRAVO.
(2.6) In what FPCON do you march at ease to enhance situational awareness? Outside activities cancelled. FPCON CHARLIE
(2.2.5.) If no designated running lane exists to march a flight in, how should the flight leader march the flight? Against flow of traffic
(2.2.6.) When is the only exception a trainee does not have to carry their florescent wand flashlights during hours of darkness and periods of reduced visibility? Reflective gear is suitable substitute in formation runs.
(2.3.4.) When can formations/details not request permission to pass another formation? When that formation is on the march.
( Who will render all courtesies when the flight is crossing an intersection? Flight leader (the road guards will not salute, even to a staff vehicle)
( Will a road guard ever render courtesies while in an intersection? No
(3.4.2.) At what point can you wear the AF Training Ribbon? Graduation Parade
(3.6.7.) When wearing ABUs, can a trainee wear any headgear other than an ABU cap? Black/sage green watch cap
(3.7.1.) What direction will the blues belt tip face for men? For women? Left for men, right for women
(3.3.6.) When will OTs not wear shower shoes? When ironing or not in their dorm rooms.
(Table 3.1) What phase are OTs permitted to wear civilian clothing and at what locations? Civilian clothes can be worn anywhere except on the OTS Complex and only when in Third Lt status
(3.10.1) Where can eyeglasses and sunglasses not be worn? Sunglasses are prohibited in formation, eyeglasses must have strap for PT.
(3.9.1) With what uniforms can the green watch cap be worn? The black watch cap? The black or sage green watch cap can be work with PT, ABU and privilege uniforms. Only the black watch cap may be worn with the service dress uniform. (Exception: Trainees may wear watch caps under helmets for cushioning)
(4.7.3.) At what class status do tight meals end? 2nd class
( How many arriving flights may seek shelter under the overhang at the DFAC in inclement weather? Up to 6 flights
( What are tight meals designed for? (Three items) sense of military bearing, self discipline, and attention to detail
(4.2.) How, if at all, are restrictions lifted on tight meals in Third-class status? Dinner is no longer a tight meal
(4.3.2.) How long should OTs wait for their table to fill up before sitting down? 20 sec
(4.4.4.) During inclement weather with lightning, how close must it be to prevent OTs from not forming up into flights? Where will OTs move to if in the DFAC? Within 5 miles; If in the DFAC, trainees will move to Gilbert Hall or the dorms.
(4.4.5.) In what two weather conditions will OTs not depart the DFAC unless directed to do so by OTS staff? Hail and severe wind
(4.5.) What is the meaning of the Blue Line? What should you do? The Blue Line is a reminder for trainees of their personal commitment to our nation. You should stop without stepping on the line and reflect on this before continuing.
(5.9.1./5.9.2.) What form is required to be filled out upon any appointments Form 435, 24 hours , within 3 days
(5.11.1.) How long must an individual have undertaken regular exercise before that individual is considered acclimated? Longer than 10 days
( Under this color flag, moderate work will observe 40 minutes of work and 20 minutes of rest. Yellow Flag
(5.12.1.) What are the symptoms of a heat stress disorder? Weakness, nausea, dizziness, fever, faintness, fatigue, profuse sweating, convulsions, unconsciousness, leg/abdominal cramps
(5.13.1.) What is the primary concern once an evacuation has occurred after an emergency? Accountability
(5.13.3) In the event of a gas leak, is it prudent to pull the fire alarm in order to alert personnel in the building? no
( When an evacuation (fire, gas, etc) must occur during severe weather or when directed by commissioned staff, where will trainees proceed? What constitutes severe weather? They will go to their respective dormitory rooms for accountability; thunderstorms, lightning within 5, freezing precipitation, wind chill under of 32degrees or less, high winds, heavy rain or hail
( In the event of a tornado, where does personnel go if in the 2nd floor Flight Rooms? Interior first floor flight rooms and hallways
( In the dorms, where does personnel go in the event of a tornado? What are the limitations? First floor closest, 3 to a closet, overflow to bathrooms on 1st floor
(6.4) If place on quarters, whom must you notify prior to returning to the dorms (3) IDMT, OCC and Flt/CC
(6.6) If medical care off base is required, what form of transportation is authorized during duty hours? Who must be notified? Base Taxi service, OCC or SDO will be notified
(7.1.1.) What are the three goals of the privilege system? measure trainees’ ability to acquire &apply fundamental officer qualities; provide a foundation for feedback; provide a framework on which trainees are rated against United States Air Force and OTS standards.
(7.2.1.) Who is authorized to adjust a trainee’s privilege status? Squadron Commander
(7.3.1) What are the three types of privileges at OTS? OTS complex, Maxwell AFB and off base
(7.5.4) When are guests allowed to visit inside the OTS dormitories or academic buildings? Open house activities during graduation week (spouses orientation, open house and graduation)
( What areas (7) are included in the OTS complex privileges? DFAC, OTSAC, Gilbert Hall and Annex, PCC, OTS Track, Volleyball Court and Flickerball Fields (closest to drill pad), and OTS Dorms.
(8.1.) Who is responsible for the FOW/SOW programs? Squadron DO
(8.3) What are the four categories for flight/squadron competition? Academic flight of week, athletic flight of the week, flight of the week and squadron of the week.
(9.1.1.) Where are the parades and reviews held? Welch field
(9.1.3.) When are trainees permitted to depart the parade grounds on graduation day? After air force song and the exchange of salutes between reviewing officer and commander of the troops and will remain in place till dismissed.
(9.2.1) With whom should a trainee contact to inquire on the status of a DV? Holm Center Protocol
( What is a trainee required to turn in when inviting a DV? A trainee must fill out paperwork and attach a current biography of the DV
( How many guests are permitted to accompany the DV on the reviewing stand? No more than 2 guests
(9.4.1) Who must approve any gift presented to the school? 23 TRS/CC, 24 TRS/CC or DET 12 AMS/CC
(9.4.3.) What is the maximum dollar amounts a trainee/flight can put towards a gift to a staff member? $10 per person per flight with a $300 cap (acceptable but not mandatory)
(10.1.11.) What time is Call to Quarters on Saturday? Sunday? 2230 for Saturday, 1930 for Sunday
( Where on the cap will the “Props & Wings” cap insignia be worn? 1.5 in from side Left side of flight cap centered between braid and bottom
( What is the distance the metal insignia sits in relation to the end of the epaulet on the lightweight blue jacket? 5/8 inch from end of epaulet. Stripes are parallel to shoulder seam
( In what instance may the lightweight blue jacket be worn in privilege gear? What is the alternative apparel to be worn? If the USAF logo is not embroidered and the rank has been removed; conservative dark blue, brown or black jacket
(10.3.4) What is the reporting period for merits and demerits? Wed 1700-following wed at 1659
( What will a security violation result in? punitive counseling, one hour of privilege time researching security incidents and provide one page memo.
(10.5.1.) From what time/day of the week does the FOW 0500 Thursday until 0459 following Thursday
( What are the maximum points for FOW and SOW, respectively? FOW- 12, SOW-24
( In the event of a tie in squadron/flight competitions, how is the winner determined? Higher pass rate in flight/squadron
( What are the percentages for FMC, PMC, and NMC, respectively? FMC-85%, PMC- 70% and NMC-less than 70%
(10.4.2) Privileges will be lowered by one class level if the OT’s demerit level is _____ % greater than the class average, unless the total number of demerits is equal to or less than five. 150%
(10.3.1.) Which trainees can issue demerits to other trainees? LFC, ALFC, UFC, OT Squadron CC, and DO, and the OTW top 4.
(10.1.6.) During Sunday through Thursday, when is PER time and what is it used for? From 2200 to 2300 Sunday through Thursday and on non-duty days it is from 1700 until lights out; It is used for personal hygiene, uniform
( During which phase of training are OTs permitted to watch television and at what time? Second class at any time during privilege period unless restricted due to admin actions, third Lt may watch anytime outside of SMT.
(2.6.5) In what FPCON are you not supposed to march in any formation and minimize travel bt buildings? FPCON Delta
Who sits across from position 1 at the table? 4
Who takes up the trays Position 1 (and 4 possibly)
Who lifts the napkin holder? position 3
where do Bot flights sit in dining facility on left side of dining facility
in which hand is guidon carried? right
how many glasses of fluid should be drank in dining facility? Consume 3 glasses of drink. No talking. Don't bring stuff to dining facility
which positions instructs table to be seated? 4
which positions pass the napkins? 2&3
which position wipes down table; which picks up extra trash? 2 wipes down table 4 picks up trash
how many chow sharks are there, and how early should they arrive to the dining facility? 3 chow sharks arrive 5 min early
where does lower class sit in dining facility? Lower class sits furthest from cc table, wall furthest from trays and then work your way over row by row
what time should u arrive at pt? 500
how many times do you yell "gas" or "fire?" 3
what do you do when being passed by ots staff or upper class? brace the wall-turn back to wall and give greeting of day. at 4th lt, brace wall and ask permission to pass before passing upperclassmen or staff.
how many knots should you have in your ranger rope before lunch and then again before lights-out? Ranger rope-4 knots..1 for every 3 glasses of water ,1 for .5 qt water from hydration system.
how many AETC IMT 341 forms should you care at all times? 2
onto which drive do you save data? S Drive. don't turn off comps or disconnect from network.
for AMS explain how many gigs you can gt in your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th room inspections to pass. Ams-15 gigs in room inspection = failure 1st and 2nd inspection 9 or less gigs in 3rd to pass 4 or less in 4th.
for AMS, how do you get to phase 2? Ams-To get to phase2-80 or higher on 1st exam, pass room inspections, pass marching DPR. ends no sooner than monday of wk 3.
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