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Types of Therapy


Chemotherapy They use drugs to treat disorders.Often effective in dealing with severe psychoses.
Directive Psychotherapy The therapist undertakes the patients responsibilities.
Electrconvulsion Therapy A treatment for a severe depression.
Existential Therapy The therapist attemps to achieve an authentic,spontaneous relationship with the patient to help him discover his free will and make his choices.
Gestalt Therapy The therapy seeks to restore the individual's thinking,feeling,and acting so he can regain contact with reality.
Horneyan Psychotherapy Aims to overthrow the idealized self-image the patient has is trying to live up to.
Hypnotherapy Uses hypnosis to increase the patients suggestability,lift repressions,and remove mild symptoms.
Interpersonal Psychotherapy Locates the causes of personality disorder in the relationships between the individual and society rather than in purely internal psychological devlopments.
Learning-Theory Therapy(Behavioral) Treats mental disorders as self-defeating behavior patterns that the individual has learned to rely on when he feels anxiety.
Orgonomy Therapy combines psychoanalysis with manipulation of the patients body in order to remove muscular armor.
Psycoanalysis Treats the individual by exploring childhood experiances and the unconscious.
Psychodrama A form of improvised play-acting of certain roles and dramatic incidents resembling those situations that produce problems for the patient in his daily life.
Rational-Emotive Therapy(cognitive) The therapist identifies self-defeating thoughts,argues against them and persuades the patient to undertake actions that will disprove the undesirable beliefs and thus strip them of their power.
Transactional Analysis The therapists attempts to identify the ego state producing each communication from the patient with the aim of discovering the plan the individual has unconsciously chosen for his life and replacing it with a more realistic and constructive one.
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