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World Geography

government districts, similar to states provinces
a region that lies far away from major popuation centers hinterland
major river linking the great lakes with the gulf of st. lawrence and the atlantic ocean in southeastern canada st. lawrence river
financial & industrial city in quebec, canada montreal
capital of canada ; located in ontario ottawa
pacific port in canada vancouver
a legislature led by a prime minister or premier parliament
general agreement consensus
a feeling of strong, political & emotional loyalty to one's own region regionalism
the belief that certain parts of a country should be independent separatism
_____ countries were involved in the exploration of canada european
european countries were involved in the exploration of _____ CANADA :))
the ____ were the first to explore canada's eastern shores but did not set up any permanent settlements vikings
did the vikings set up any permanent settlements? no.
_____ explored the east coast of newfoundland & atlantic coast John Cabot
John Cabot explored the atlantic coast and claimed the land for ___ england
_______ explored along the st. lawrence river Jacques Carter
Jacques Carter explored along the ______ St. Lawrence River
Jacques Carter explored along the St. Lawrence River and then claimed the land for ____ FRANCE
the french had three goals as they explored canada. what were they? 1. to find an all-water route thru north america 2. wanted to establish fishing and fur trade industries 3. convert indians to roman catholicism
___ was established in 1608 and was the first permanent french settlement in north america Quebec
when was quebec established? 1608
what was the first permanent french settlement in north america? quebec
in ____, the british took over Acadia and renamed it _____ 1713 ; Nova Scotia
What was nova scotia named before the british took control of it? Acadia
Who took over Acadia and renamed it nova scotia? british
During the french and indian war, what happened to people who still gave allegiance to france and the catholic church? they were kicked out
What did the colonists that were kicked out because of their beliefs do? they made their way to louisiana
what are the people called that made their way to louisiana after being kicked out of canada? cajuns
British settlement in canada increased during the ______ american revolution
____ in canada increased during the american revolution. British settlement
How many people live in canada today? at least 31 million people
Today, in canada, ____ and ____ culture remains strong, but there are many influences from the US british and french
Where were the people from that now live in canada? (besides the US, brtain, and france) people from the carribean, asia, & africa
Canada is a _________ country multi - cultural
____ of all canadians live in quebec 1/4
1/4 of all canadians live in______ quebec
What city is the center of french - canadian culture? quebec
What percentage of people in quebec speak french? 90 %
Most of the people in quebec are ___ (religion) roman catholic
Largest religion in canada roman catholic
British culture is found in _____ and farther west ontario
____ culture is found in ontario and farther west British
Where do the indians live? in the north
canada has a ____ (economy) market
the _____ is canada's most important trade partner US
Canadas economy is based on ______ and ____ manufacturing and service industries
___ is another important industry mining
Canada exports more minerals and metals than any other country. (:
Canada is a major exporter of _____ farm goods
What causes large population areas in canada? cities being well managed, clean, and safe.
Canada's largest city toronto
Canada's largest stock exchange, major banks, and major corporations toronto
major cultural center, subway system like the one in paris montreal
located on the west coast, largest fishing fleet victoria
western canada, pacific port vancouver
______,____,_____ are major centers for farming, oil production, and trade. edmonton, calgary, winnipeg
edmonton, calgary, winnipeg are major centers for ____, ____, and ___ farming, oil production, and trade
Canada's government is a democracy governed by a ______ and an _____ prime minister ; elected parliament
canada's government is a _____ democracy
What do provincal governments do? levy taxes and set products
Canada's newest territory nunavut
what does nunavut do? gives the inuit a self-governing homeland
the laws in ninavut are made by the ___ consensus
How are the US and Canada the same? (4) ECONOMY POPULATION LANGUAGE CITIES
How are canada and us's economies tied together? many US companies have large offices in canada. NAFTA allowed trade
How are Canada and us populations the same? most canadians live near the us border
how are canada and Us languages the same? Both use english
US and Canadian cities are linked through---- business
_______ contribute to separatism physical barriers
____ has had an effect on canadian unity geography
______ often undermines the unity of canada regional loyalty
The differences between french and british cultures also promote.... seperatism
how has geography had an effect? regional loyalty & physical barriers
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