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Europe Test Part 2

Largest Country in Europe France
Capital of France Paris
Main river in France Seine
What are the 3 low countries? Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg
What is the capital of Germany? Berlin
What is the most populous country in Europe? Germany
Main Rivers of Germany Rhine and Danube
Who are the Saami? Nomadic herders (10% are still living that way)
Where do the Saami live? Norway, Sweden, Finland, and western Russia
Mountain range in Switzerland Alps
Where are the red cross headquarters? Switzerland
Capital of Spain Madrid
Religion of Spain Roman Catholic
Capital of Italy Rome
What is the nickname for Rome The eternal city
What is the world's oldest republic San Marino
What is the nickname of the Vatican City The Holy See
The Vatican is ruled by? The Pope
Capital of Greece Athens
How many islands make up Greece over 500
What is the largest island of Greece? Crete
Who ruled Eastern Europe until the 1990's? Communist USSR
What is Eastern Europe today? a patchwork of Inpendent States
Big problem of USSR Pollution, radioactive dust in air from Chernobyl accident
Who has the old age record? Georgia (live to be over 100)
What is Eastern Europe called? Shatter Belt because shape and number of countries is constantly changing
Capital of Austria Vienna
Main River in Austria Danube
Capital of Poland Warsaw
What is the most populous city if East Europe? Kyiu in Ukraine
What is the name of the organization founded by the former Soviet republics after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Commonwealth of Independent States
What is the name for the area where borders are continually changing? Shatter Belts
What is the largest marshland in Europe? Pinsk Marshes
Where is Europe located? the Eastern hemisphere west of Asia and north of Africa. The entire continent is in the northern hemisphere above the equator.
Highest point in Europe Mount Elbrus
How does Europe rank in area? sixth
Climate of Europe Mild with moderate precipitation/ The winds that blow across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean help keep the climate mild(even close to the Artic Circle)
Largest penisulas of Europe: Scandinavian, Iberian, Apennine, and Balkan and Jutlan
Where are the mountains located North and South
Longest River Volga
Principal water routes Danube, Don, and Rhine
Created by: ashley.baldwin