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Europe - Geography

Europe Packet 9th

2nd smallest continent. Over 40 countries. Over 50 languages. Only continent without deserts. Good climate and rich soils therefore productive farms and industry. Europe
Until 1,500 years ago, Europe was ruled by the ___. Influence in law, language, architecture, education, religion. Romans
Europe's main religion Christianity
Less that 5% of the earth's landmass, but its people have dominated much of the world's history. North America, South America, and Aussie are descendants of... Western Europe
Divisions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, European Russia
Formed to improve trade and cooperation between European Countries. By 2000 15 members, today 27 members. Advantages: Free trade, standard measuring, standard saftey regulations, any worker can work in participating countries without visa or work permit. European Union
Launched 01/01/1999 w/ 11 countries participating. Today 15, with more planning to convert in the near future. (currency) Euro
Organization formed to protect human rights. Council of Europe
Most people live in cities, advantages: stores, resturants, cinemas, concerts, museums. Disadvantages: Crowding, pollution. Industries: Manufacturing + Designing. Rural life: Large industrialized farms. Western Europe
The Large Island Great Britian
The Island group with Great Britian & Ireland British Isles
Former kingdoms on the island of Great Britian England, Whales, Scotland
4 Political divisions united under 1 nation. (1701)(England, Whales, Scotland, Northern Ireland. United Kingdom.
Association of former British colonies British Commonwealth
London England (Stonehenge, Liverpool)
Cardiff (King Arthur) Whales
Edinburg (Lochness Monster) Scotland
Dublin. Aka "The emrald Isle". Green Countryside. Roman Catholic. Language Gaelic. Ireland
Belfast. Aka Wister. Protestant. Ulster. Northern Ireland
Made of mostly descendants of the British. Settlers are Protestants. Loyal to the British Monarch. Catholic minority want Northern Ireland to be reunited w/ Ireland. Northern Ireland
Radical group of terrorists. 1950s to 2005. Set off over 10k bombs. Killed over 3k people. Goald: To force the British Parliment to surrender control of Ulster. IRA : Irish Republican Army.
Northenr Part is above Artic circle. Mid winter = 1 mo. w/o sun. End of May-July = 24 hour sun. The Land of the Midnight Sun
Aurora Borelis Northern Lights
90% Lutheran Scandinavia
Stockhom. Made of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges Sweden.
Largest Country in Europe. Paris. Roman Catholic. Seine Laine. Corsica. France
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg. Low plateaus. Low Countries
Berlin. Protestant. Black Forest. Cuko clocks. Neshwai-- castle. Germany
Switzerland, Liechtestein. Alpine Reigon
Bern. 4 official languages. Red cross HQ. Watches, banks, + St. Bernards Switzerland
Ruled By a Prince. Principality
Top producer of olives. Roman Catholic. Straight of Ribraltar. Spain
Between Spain and France Andorra
Sardines, wine, fish. Roman Catholic. Lisborn. Portugual
Rome. On Tiber River. Aka "Eternal City" Milan - Banking Center. Venic - Built on Lagoon. Islands: Sicily and Sardina. Italy.
principality onf french rivera Monaco
World's oldest republic San Marino
"The Holy See" Smallest country. Ruled by pope. Less than 1k people. Vatican City
Balkin Peninsula. Athens. Eastern Orthodoxy. 500 islands. Largest: Creete. Greece
Until 1990s ruled by communist USSr. Area is a patchwork of independent states. Accident at Nuclear Power Station. Radioactive dust in air. Eastern Europe.
Explosion in trade w/ world. Collapse of Soviet Union.
Most people who live ot be over 100. Georgia.
Size, shape, and number of countries constantly changing. Shatter Belt
Vienna. Famous musicians. Lipizzaner horse. Austria.
Prauge. 1993- split into 2 countries. __ and Slovokia. Czech Republic
Once part of soviet russia. "white russia" minsk. Pinsk marshes. Largest marshland in Europe. Baltic States and BElarus
Small hostile nations with diverse religions and cultures. Mountainous. Balkin Countries.
Nazi Death camp. Warsan. Poland.
Worlds biggest country. 11% of earth's land surace. 11 time zones. 2 continents(europe and Asia) Moscow + St. Petersburg. World famous orchestras and ballet companies. Russia
Before 1991, Russia belonged to the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republicans.
What Reigon has its HQ in Vatican City Roman Catholicsm
Best known feature in SW Germany Black Forest
Largest city in Scandinavia Stockholm.
Parcels of land reclaimed from sea polders
What country includes the island of crete Greece
Imaginary line in Pacific Ocean that seperates days International Date line
Beneris Highest mountain in british isles.
Name of the organization founded by the former soviet republics after collapse of the soviet union. Commonwealth of independent states.
Name for an area where borders are continually changing Shatter belt
Largest marshland in Europe Pinsk Marshes
Location of Europe Eastern Hemisphere. Continent is located in northern hemisphere.
Size of Europe Sixth in area. Highest point = Mount Elbrus. Lowest is Caspian Sea
Climate in Europe Generally mild; percipation is moderate. The most important feature of Europe's climate is winds that blow across the continent from the Atlantic. Winds are warmed by waters of Atlantic to keep climate mild.
Landforms in Europe Basically a gigantic peninsula attatched to Asia. Most mountains are located in Northe and South. Thousands of islands. Longest river = Volga.
Population of Europe Densley Populates. People live in groups made up of same culture.
Lifestyles in Europe 75% Live in urban areas. Rurual areas, most people work in agriculture. Western Europe musch farming is done with modern machinery.
Languages in Europe Dozens of languages spoken.
Education in Europe Most people recieve formal education. Schooling is required by law in all European nations.
Religious Beliefs in Europe. Christianity is the most widely practiced relgiion in Europe. Roman Catholics.
Autocratic rules of Russia from the middle of the 16th century to the beginning of the twentieth centry called? Czars
Who led the Russian Revolution in 1917 Lenin
What organization comprimising the former republics of the USSR what was formed after the fall of the Soviet Union? Commonwealth of Independent States
Longest river in Russia and in Europe Volga
Largest city in Russia Moscow
Largest port city in Russia St. Petersburg
Highest mountain in Europe Mount Elbrus
Mountain chains that divide europe and asia Cancasus and Ural
Waterway that divides Russia and the United States Bering Straight
People who are Nomadic herders of Reindeer. Saami
Underwater Tunnel linking France England and Belgium. Eurotunnel.
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