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Exam Review

Psychology - Develop

Define life span development conception - death
Definition of lifespan development growth - decline
Traditional Perspective birth - adolescence
Multi-dimensional a. physical/biological b. social c. cognitive d. emotional/psychological
Multi-directional periods or growth and decline
Multi-disciplinary a. sociology b. education c. anthropology
Plastic a. mold b. shape c. bounce back from adversity
Contextual (Multi) a. history graded b. normative, age graded c. non-normative
co-construction of Biology, culture, individual multi-dimensional - in spite of background we can determine the course of development
lifelong conception - death
Areas of diversity a. gender b. culture (beliefs, attitudes, values), ethnicity (race) c. socio-economic status (education, occupaational)
Examples of Social Policy (law, regulation) a. food stamps b. AEA program c. therapies d. financial aid e. veterans benefits
Poverty social policies to help the poor (housing) assistance, medical care(T-19, medicare), free reduced lunch, food banks
Happiness increases as we age
Conceptions of age a. chronological b. biological(organs overall health) c. social ( societys roles) d. psychological (flexible, psychologically healthy)
Developmental issues a. nature- nurture b. continous (gradual) c. discontinuous (stages) d. stability - change
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