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Chapter 8/9 Review

What is the United States Capitol? Washington D.C.
If you believed in reducing the size of the federal government and giving more power to the stares you would have most likely hav ebeen a member of which party? Republican Party
What is the head of the Supreme Court? Chief Justice
What Federalist was the first Vice Presedent of the United States? Andrew Jackson
The sedition Act was unconstitutional because it ignored which right? States Rights
Who was Secretary of the Treasury in President Washington's Cabinet? Alexander Hamilton
If you believed in a strong national government and supported the idea of a National Bank, you would have most likely been a member of which political party? Federalists
Who won the war of 1812? America
From whom did the United States purchase the Louisiana territory from? France
Who was the 4th President of the United States of America? James Madison
How much did the United States pay for the Louisiana Territory? $68 million
Who said this quote: "They (American Settlers) have driven us from the sea to the lakes - we can go no farther." Tecumseh
Who wrote the 'Star Spangled Banner' during the war of 1812? Francis Scott Key
Who did President Jefferson hire first to explore and map the Louisiana Territory? Lewis and Clark
What political party did our 2nd president belong to? Federalists
What did President Jefferson do that doubled the size of the Untied States of America? The Lousiana Purchase
Created by: SkyelynHenderson