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Geography of Europe

Mrs. Hawthorne's Social Studies Class Chapter 10

Population Density the average number of people living in a square mile
Peninsula a land area nearly surrounded by water
Plateau a large raised area of mostly level land bordered on one or more sides by steep slopes
Tributary a river or stream that flows into a larger river
Navigable wide and deep enough for ships to travel through
Rain Shadow the area on the dry, sheltered side of mountain, which receives little rainfall
Steppes the grasslands of fertile soil sutiable for farming in Russia
Tundra a cold, dry, treeless region covered with snow for most of the year
Permafrost a permanently frozen layer of ground below the top layer of soil
Loess a type of rich, dustlike soil
Hydroelectric Power the power generated by waterdriven turbines
Fossil Fuel a source of energy that forms from the remains of ancient plants and animals
Created by: vhawthorne