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Pharmocology TC


Reduce the acidity of the gastric contents Antacids
Prevent or treat attack of angina pectoris Antianginals
treat anxiety symptom or disorders Antianxiety
A potent vasoconstrictor; used to treat hypertension, heart failure & kidney disease. (prils) Ace inhibitors
Produce effects similiar to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine Adrenergic
Particularly effective against gram-negative microorganisms Aminoglycosides
relieve pain without producing loss of consciousness or reflex activity Analgesics
There steroid hormones produce masculinizing effects Androgens
Cause a loss of sensation with or without a loss of consciousness Anesthetics
Prevent the formation, enlargement, or extension of blood clots Anticoagulants
Preventing seizures Anticonvulsants
Include Insulin; used to treat type 1 diabetes; Secretogogues is used to treat type 2 diabetes. Antidiabetics
Relieve or control the symptoms of acute or chronic diarrhea Antidiarrheals
Used to prevent or treat nausea and vomiting Antiemetics
Used to reduce intraocular pressure Antiglaucoma
Used to treat allergy symptoms Antihistamines
Used to treat elevated blood pressure (hypertension) Antihypertensives
Used alone or in combinations with other treatments such as radiation. Treat Cancer Antineoplastics
Prevent platelet clumping (aggregation) Antiplatelets
Used to treat severe mental illness Antipsychotics
Used to reduce fevers Antipyretics
Used to suppress a cough Antitussive
decrease the volume and increase the pH of gastric secretions Antiulcer Agents
Used to treat infections caused by pathogenic viruses Antivirals
Used to treat angina, dysrythmia, hypertention, and glaucoma (olols) Beta Blockers
Stimulate receptors within the tracheobronchial tree to relax and dilate the airway passage, allowing greater volume of air to be exchanged and improving oxygenation Bronchodilators
Used to decrease dysrythmia, slow rate of contraction of the heart, and cause vasodilation. (pines) Calcium Channel Blockers
Cholinesterase enzymes destroy acetylcholine, stopping its action. Inhibitors block destruction of aceetylcholine, thus prolonging its action. Cholinesterase Inhibitors
Stimulate progenitor cells in bone marrow to increase numbers of leukocytes, thereby improving immune function Colony Stimulating Factors
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