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RADT 456

ARRT Registry Review Covering Patient Care Content

Patient consent can be given how? Verbal, Written, or Implied consent
In order for consent to be valid the patient must: be of legal age, be of sound mind, must give consent freely, and must be adequately informed of the procedure.
What is the purpose of advanced health care directives/ living wills? to preserve a person's right to make decisions regarding their own healthcare, names individuals authorized to make all health care decisisons for them, and can include specifics regarding DNR, DNI, and other end-of-life decisions.
What are the 6 things that are expected during a hospital stay? high quality hospital care, a clean and safe envirnment, involvement in your care, protection of your privacy, help when leaving the hospital, and help with billing your claim.
What three standards do the ASRT provide in their Practice Standards, Clinical, Quality, and Professional standards.
What are the four primary Sources of Law? Constitution of the United States, statutory law, regulation and judgements of administrative bureaus, and court decisions.
What are the two basic kinds of law? Public and private(civil) law.
What is public law regulate relationships between individuals and government.
What is private law? laws that regulate the relationships amoung people.
What are examples of intentional misconduct? false imprisonment, assault, battery, defamation, and invasion of privacy
What are examples of negligent/unintentional torts? imaging the wrong patient, or patient injury as a result of a fall while unattended on an x-ray table, in a radiographic room, or on a streatcher without side rails or safety belt.
What are three frequent areas of litigation in radiology they involve patient falls, positioning injuries, pregnancy, and errors or delays in diagnosis.
What does "res ipsa loquitur" mean? "the thing speaks for itself"
What does, "resondeat superior," mean? the "master," or employer, can be held liable for wrongful acts of the "servant," or employee in causing injury during employed activities.
What is the ARRT Standards of Ethics composed of? preamble, code of ethics (aspirational), rules of ethics (enforcable), and administrative procedures.
What does the Standard of Ethics do? It provides guidelines for making very important decisions that could impact our entire careers.
Failure to disclose a conviction is a violation of which Ethical Rules? Rules 1 and 19
What does honor imply? it implies an effective regard for the standards of ones profession, a refusal to lie or decieve, an uprightness of character or action, a trustworthiness and incorruptibility
Honor is used to describe what three qualities? honesty, integrity, and probity.
If a student or radiographer is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony whom must they report this to? The ARRT.
Created by: bnpickrell