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Merrill's ch 1 & 3

Chapter 1 and 3 Abbreviations

ARRT american registry of radiologic technologists
ASIS Interior superior iliac spine
CT Computed tomography
LAO Left anterior oblique
LPO Left posterior oblique
LLQ Lower left quadrant
LUG Left upper quadrant
MRI Magnetic resonance imaging
RAO Right anterior oblique
RLQ Right lower quadrant
RPO right posterior oblique
RUQ Right upper quadrant
US Ultrasound
AEC Automatic exposure control
AP anteroposterior
ASRT American Society of radiologic technologists
CAMRT Canadian Association of medical radiation technologists
CCD Charged coupled device
CDC Centers for disease control and prevention
cm Centimeter
CR Central ray or computed radiography
DR Digital radiography
IP Image plate
IR Image receptor
kVp Kilovolt peak
L Left
LAO Left anterior oblique
mA milliamperage
mAs milliampere second
MMD Mean marrow dose
NCRP National Council on radiation protection
OD Optical density
OID Object to image receptor distance
OR Operating room
PA posteroanterior
R Right
RPA Radiology practitioner assistant
RPO Right posterior oblique
SID Source to image receptor distance
SSD Source to skin distance
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