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Stack #832080

A vasomotor effect experienced after injection of a contrast agent is_________? Hypotension
What drug can be used to treat dysrhythmias? Lidocaine
List three examples of COPD. Bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema, asthma
In classifying IV contrast agents, the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water defines ________? Osmolality
A patient suffering from orthopnea would experience the least discomfort in what body position? Erect
Hirschsprung disease, or congenital megacolon, is related to what age group? Neonate
List two forms of intentional misconduct. Slander and invasion of privacy
What is the needle angle usually recommended for intramuscular injections? 90 degrees
What type of precautions prevent the spread of infectious agents in droplet form? Airborne precautions
List three symptoms associated with a respiratory reaction to contrast media. Sneezing, hoarseness, wheezing
Skin discoloration owing to cyanosis may be observed in the_____ and ______? Gums and earlobes
What blood vessels are best suited for determination of pulse rate? Superficial arteries
Name the condition that allows blood to shunt between the right and left ventricles. Ventricular septal defect
When caring for patients with an IV line, the radiographer should keep the medication how many inches above the level of the vein? 18 to 20 inches
List two conditions where protective or "reverse" isolation is required. Burns and leukemia
What is nitroglycerin used for? To relieve pain from angina pectoris
What position should a patient be placed in if they are experiencing syncope? Dorsal recumbent with feet elevated
What procedure is used to visualize polyps and colitis in the large intestine? Double-contrast BE
The practice that is used to retard the growth of pathogenic bacteria is called what? Antisepsis
What equipment is used to determine blood pressure? Stethoscope and sphygmomanometer
A patient in a recumbent position with the head lower than the feet is said to be in what position? Trendelenburg
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