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ARRT Pt Care

What is one Honor Code violation that can prevent a RT student from meeting ARRT requirements? Being suspended from RT program Lange Q&A pg. 1
What is an iatrogenic infection caused by? Physician intervention Lange Q&A pg. 1
WHat are 2 vasomotor effects that happen after contrast injection? 1.nausea 2. syncope Lange Q&A pg. 1
What drug is used to treat dysrhythmias? Lidocaine Lange Q&A pg. 2
What are 2 examples of COPD? 1.asthma 2.bronhitis Lange Q&A pg. 2
A lack of normal bone calcification is caused by these 2 things: 1.rickets 2. osteomalacia Lange Q&A pg. 4
When perfoming CPR on an infant, the # of compressions are what compared to that of an adult? increased Lange Q&A pg. 4
In which position would a patient suffering from orthopnea be most comfortable? Erect Lange Q&A pg. 4
What does the systolic # mean in blood pressure readings? Contraction of the cardiac muscle Lange Q&A pg. 5
What is a carthartic used for? to stimulate defecation Lange Q&A pg. 6
A doorknob, a spoon, and an xray table are all examples of: fomites Lange Q&A pg. 7
Circumstance in which both the health care provider and patient actions contribute to injury contributory negligence Lange Q&A pg. 7
To reduce back strain when working with heavy objects the RT should: push the object Lange Q&A pg. 7
A Swan Ganz is a type of: IV catheter Lange Q&A pg. 8
Levin and Salem-sump are both types of: NG tubes Lange Q&A pg. 9
What is the best method of sterilization? moist heat Lange Q&A pg. 9
What venous device can be used for a patient requiring IV fluids at frequent intervals? Heparin Lock Lange Q&A pg. 9
What is the normal BUN range? 0.6 to 1.5mg/100mL Lange Q&A pg. 9
______ is when a radiographer unnecessarily lays their hands on a patient such as doing the wrong exam Battery Lange Q&A pg. 13
The average rate of respiration for a healthy adult: 12-20 breaths per minute
Created by: rshildenbr