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Arch II Leadership

Demonstrate job-seeking and interview skills

Facial expressions or body movements used to emphasize an idea are called _____ Gestures
When delivering a speech to a group, you should have key points of the speech on _____ note cards
What conveys as much as what you say when making a technical presentation? Appearance
What forms the framework of a speech? Outline
How many minutes should a person arrive before an interview? Five
After an interview, a person should write a _____ letter thank-you
When beginning work as an architectural drafter, it is MOST important to be _____ and be prepared to work. on time
What allows all members to voice their opinions without the group having to reach an agreement? Weighted voting
The final step in the problem solving process is to check the _______. solution
What technique can be used to chart the steps in a project and the order in which they will be done? Flow charts
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