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Drafting Leadership

Goal setting, Careers, Parliamentary procedures

According to basic parliamentary procedure, decisions are made when the _____ of members agree. majority
A complete guide to parliamentary procedure is Robert’s Rules of _____ Order
A listing of "typical" meeting events that helps members to know what to expect during a meeting Order of Business
To bring up an item of business at a meeting, you need to go through the steps of processing a _____ motion. Main
In the absence of the president and vice-president, who conducts the business meeting? Secretary
A listing of "personalized" meeting events written in logical sequence Agenda
One basic rule of parliamentary procedure is the rights of the minority in an organization meeting are _______ protected
To make a motion at a meeting, you must state your own motion by saying: "I move that…"
What word is used in a voice vote to signify approval? Aye
An individual’s SHORT-TERM goals should be: Attainable
Goals are usually divided into Short-term and _____. Short-term and long-term
When establishing SHORT-TERM goals, it is important to consider your personal strengths and ______. weaknesses
A short-term goal that is attainable for the student setting it, is a: Realistic goal
Goals and/or roles of individuals that have existed over an extended period of time are: Long-term goals
To establish individual LONG-TERM goals you should develop a ______ action plan personal
The ability to look internally at oneself is called: Self-assessment
The BEST way to learn about a career is through _____ in it Working
Who assists with drawing preparations and performs support tasks. Drafter trainee
A high school education that includes some drafting classes and/or some type of apprenticeship qualifies a person to be a/an: Drafter trainee
A person who has an associate degree in drafting technology and one year of drafting experience can qualify as a/an: Design drafting technician
Being able to give clear instructions verbally and in written form demonstrates good _____ skills. Communication
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