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Vocabulary Test-Lett

60 vocab words to study for test

Align To arrange into a straight line
Apperture An opening or hole
Circumstance A condition; a state of affairs surrounding and affecting an event
Critically To find fault with or judge; good at criticism
Determine To conclude; to figure something out
Diagonally A diagonal line or plane; virgule
Disclose To make known or reveal; to unfold or open up
Dissolve To make a solution; to melt
Distinguish To mark off as different
Grave A tomb
Image Form or appearance; physical likeness
Intent Something that has meaning
Intermittently Stopping or ceasing for a time
Intruder Someone that trespasses; to force into
Overtake To catch up with; to take over something or someone
Retrieve To recover or regain; to repair
Suffice To be enough or adequate; to satisfy
Sufficient Having a purpose
Supple To bend without breaking; being flexible
Clan a group of something; a pack
Cleft To insert; to split or divide
Complex Confusing; elaborate; large
Conifer To bear cones; mostly evergreen trees
Contour The outline of a figure or body
Deplete To seriously decrease in a number or abundance of something
Expanse Something that is spread out
Fierce Wild; intense; furious
Finery fine or showy
Flounder To struggle with stumbling or plunging; to be clumsy
Luminous Radiating or reflecting in light; illuminated
Majestic Pocessing dignity or majesty
Mar To damage or spoil to a certain extent; to impair
Mythical Being a myth; not a proven fact
Outcrop To crop out; an outbreak; to emerge suddenly or violently
Pristine To be pure; to have original purity
Scuttle A deep bucket for carrying coal
Spontaneous Happening suddenly
Steppe The fast grasslands
Stockpile A supply for material in a pile; a quantity of something
Abundant Having more than enough; sufficient
Corridor A hallway
Cumbersome To be clumsy
Enclosure A space that is closed off; to be boxed into
Envision To picture something in your mind
Herald A messenger; to foreshadow something
Horde A large group of people; a crowd
Magnificent Being magnificent; characterised by grander beauty
Mass A great body of matter
Multitude A great number of something; a throng or crowd
Ominous Foretelling evil or harm; threatening
Pervade To spread throughout every part of
Proclaim To declare; to make known publicly
Resemblance Having similarities to something else; looking alike
Sheer To be thin; unmixed with anything else; unqualified or utter; extending down or up very steeply
Spectacle An unusual or impressive public display
Teem To become filled or to overflow
Transitional Passage to one state, place, stage, or subject to another
Uncharted Not recorded on a map, chart, or plan
Venture Involving chance or risk; hazardous
Created by: rayshockey