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Electronic Imaging

Electronic Imaging Test

measurement of the luminance of a monitor calibrated in units of candela per square meter on monitor or soft copy brightness
density differences contrast
picture element pixel
controls number of shades of gray that can be visualized -formula=2 to the nth(n=number of bits) bit depth
what can bit depth be limited by dynamic range & quantization
range of exposures that may be captured by a detector dynamic range
bits per pixel quantization
step by step procedure for software function algorithm
what are the steps of digitization *scan-divides analog image into an array of pixels *sampling-measures brightness level of each pixel using a photo multiplier tube *quantization-brightness levels are assigned a number gray scale value
PMT (photo multiplier tube)-converts low level of light to higher level or A-D)
rows and columns of pixels matrix
the sharpness of structural edges recorded in the image spatial resolution
what factors is spatial resolution dependent upon *pixel/matrix size *pixel pitch *bit depth
space from center of a pixel to center of the adjacent pixel pixel pitch
number of pixels/mm pixel density
range of exposures which produces optimal image with appropriate dose *since range is wider with digital radiography this can lead to dose creep exposure latitude
PACS picture archiving communication system
what methods of storage are used with digital images *hard drive *dvd/cd *hologram *down-time flash drive
RAID redundant array of inexpensive discs -(jukebox)hard drive used to archive digital images
hard drive used to archive digital images optical laser disc drive
what two type of computer monitors are used *LCD(liquid crystal display) *CRT(cathode ray tube)
what is the PACS system used at Halifax DR-dominator radiology
*no loss of information *3:1 compression ratio lossless compression
*some loss of information, but likely not noticeable *5:1 ratio nearly lossless compression
*suitable to send images over low bandwidth network *lossy wavelength compression alters minute details to reduce compressed image size *10:1 - 100:1 ratio lossy high quality compression
*most compressed and fastest working *gray scale reduced to about 256 shades of gray *similar to jpeg images lossy medium quality compression
hard copy images from digital data laser film
used to burn digial images on to disc for patients cd/dvd burner
RIS radiology information system(PACS)
HIS hospital information system(meditech)
LUT (look up table) *term used for image that is initially displayed after aquisition
DICOM (digital imaging and communication in midicine) *for imaging systems to transfer images
*must be met for HIS to transmit information and populate patient data in RIS HL7 (health level 7)
FOV pixel/matrix size *CR is variable *DR is not variable
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