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Vocab. #9

abate to make less in amount
adulation praise or flattery that is excessive
anathema an object of intense dislike
astute shrewd, crafty, practical wisdom
avarice a greedy desire, usually for wealth
culpable guilty, derving blame
dilatory tending to delay or procastinate, to dilly dally
egregious conspicuous, standing out from the rest, obvious
equivocate deliberately vague or ambiguous
evanescent vanishing, light and airy
irresolute hesitating; unable to make up one's mind
nebulous cloudlike, vague, not obvious, confused
novice a beginner at a skill or activity
penury extreme poverty
pretentious done for show; trying to make a big impression
recapitulate to sum up; to review a series of facts
resuscitate to revive; to bring back to consciousness
slovenly sloppy; untidy, dirty
supposition something taken for granted
torpid inactive; sluggish; dull
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