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English Adjectives 4

Unit 4 Adjectives 4th Grade

What is an adjective? An adjective is a word that gives information about a noun
When does an adjective appear in a sentence? Usually right before the noun it is describes
Can you use more than one adjective to describe the same noun? Yes!!!
Why do we use adjectives in our writing? To make it more interesting and create a picture in the reader's mind
Make this sentence better using adjectives...The dalmatian dreams of being a hero. She is wearing boots and a hat. The goofy dalmation dreams of being a firefighter hero. She is wearing blue boots and a red hat. (or other adjective you want to use)
Adjectives also describe words like "I", "it" and "we". They come AFTER the word it desribes. What is the adjective in the sentence...I am excited excited
What is the adjective in... The weather is beautiful beautiful
What is the adjective in... The chicken is fat fat
What are the three special adjectives called "articles"? a, an, the
What articles could be used for each of the following: 1. contest 2. award 3. orchids 4. students 5. prize 1. a contest 2. an award 3. the orchids 4. the students 5. a prize
For the next 5 sentences what is the correct form the adjective in ()... 1. The sun is the (close) star of all to Earth closest
2. A red star is (cool) that the sun cooler
3. Mercury is the (near) planet of all to the sun nearest
4. The moon is the (bright) object of all in our nighttime sky brightest
5. Earth's gravity is (strong) than the moon's stronger
For the next 5 sentences using the correct for of the adjective in (). 1. People think that bear cubs are (lovable)than grown bears. more lovable
2. The (common) bear of all is the black bear most common
3. I think polar bears are (beautiful) than black bears more beautiful
4. They are (comfortable) in the cold weather than other bears more comfortable
5. Their thick white fur is their (vaulable) protection of all most valuable
Which sentence is correct? (a)Tiger is more smarter than Ginger or (b) Tiger is smarter than Ginger (b)
Which sentence is correct? (a) Tiger is the most intelligentest cat or (b) Tiger is the most intelligent cat (b)
In the next 5 sentences what is the correct form of the adjective in () 1. I had a (good) time at summer camp this year than last year better
2. My cabin had the (good) view of all. best
3. Insects are (bad) near the lake than in the woods worse
4. That is the (bad) place in the whole camp worst
5. The pool is a (good) place to swim than the chilly lake better
Created by: cchristine98
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