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RAD456 Patient Care

ARRT review covering patient care and education

How should an unsplinted facture be supported for movement? Support areas proximal and distal to the site
What is the primary effect of an antipyretic? Reduce fever
Systolic pressure is the top or bottom number of a blood pressure reading? Top
What are the 3 modes of transmission of infectious organisms? Droplet, airborne and contact
What is the most important component of medical asepsis? Proper handwashing
Patient transfer between table and stretcher should involve pulling or pushing? Pulling
When transferring, the patient's stronger or weaker side should approach the table first? Stronger
Diastolic pressure entails contraction or relaxation of the heart? Relaxation
Define dyspnea Difficulty breathing
What is normal adult respiratory rate? 12-18/minute
List the arterial pulse points radial, carotid, temporal, femoral and popliteal
Rectal temperature is .5-1 degree higher or lower than oral higher
Blood pressure above what level is considered hypertenstion? 140/90
X-raying the wrong patient or opposite limb is considered negligence
Spoken defamation is considered Slander
Written defamation is considered Libel
A private/civil injustice is a tort
Complete removal of all microorganisms and all their spores Surgical aspepsis (sterilization)
What is the most common hospital acquired infection? Urinary tract infection
The 3 things that affect blood pressure cardiac output, blood volume and vascular resistance
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