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Chapter 15 testt

Chapter 15 test

a philosophy that calls for ownership of all land and factories by peasants and workers socialism
program of the late 1800s requiring everyone in the Russian empire to speak Russian to become eastern orthodox Christians` russification
IN 1917 the Bolsheviks set up a new government set up by _____ Vladimir Lenin
By the end of 1940 the Soviet Union had become a nation of _______ 15 republics
The Soviet Union held its first democratic presidential election in _____ 1991
In the late 1600s czar Peter I came to power determined to ________ modernize Russia
The opera Boris Godunov was composed by _______ Modest Mussorgsky
In Soviet time the government supported art known as ________ which praised everything Soviet and ignored any faults in the political system socialist realism
group of people sharing customs, beliefs, language, and a unique heritage ethnic group
the largest ethnic group in Russia and the Eurasian republics Slavs
descendants of Iranian speaking people who entered central Asia many centuries ago Tajiks
the one European republic in which the Slavs are not the majority Moldova
the largest group of turkic people in the republics Uzbeks
the smallest of the Russian and Eurasian republics Armenia
most people in Russia and the Eurasian republics practice this religion Eastern Orthodox
fierce Scandinavian warrior- traders in the 800s Varangians
warriors of the early 1200s who invaded from Central Asia and destroyed Kiev Mongols
the capital of Armenia Yerevan
Under the rule of the czars, _________________________ serfs were owned by nobles
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