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chapter 15-16

substances formed from atoms of two or more elements is called ____ compound
a ___ is a heterogeneous mixture in which visible parts settle suspension
freezing, boiling, and evaporation are all examples of ____ physical change
According to _____, matter is neither created or destroyed during a chemical change. Law of conservation of mass
a mixture in which different materials are easily identified is ____ heterogeneous mixture
compound are made from the atoms of two or more ___ elements
distillation is a process that can separate two liquids use ____ evaporation
bending a copper wire is an example of what type of property? Physical
which of the following is NOT an element water
which of the following is an example of a chemical change? burning
which type of substance is gelatin colloid
a visible sunbeam is an example of which of the following? tyndall effect
you start to eat some potato chips from an open bag you found in your locker and notice that they taste unpleasant. what do you think might cause unpleasant taste? chemical change
how do you classify the color of rose? physical property
how would you describe the process of evaporating water from seawater? physical change
which of these warning refers to a chemical property of the material? flammable
which of the following is a substance element
which of these properties can be used to help identify an unknown substance tyndall effect
what is the property of a fluid that represents its resistance to flow viscosity
what is the SI unit for pressure pascal
what term is used describe the amount of force exerted per unit of area pressure
what is the temperature when a solid begins to liquefy melting point
what theory is used to explain the behavior of particles in matter kinetic theory
what is the ability of a fluid to exert an upward force on an object buoyancy
what is the temperature at which all particle motion of matter ceases absolute zero
what is the most common state of matter in the universe plasma
which of the following would be used to measure pressure kilopascal
which of the following uses pascal's principle hydraulics
which of the following uses bernoulli's principle airplane
the particles in which of the following are the farthest apart from each other plasma
what is the upward force of a liquid bouyancy
what is the amount of energy needed to change a solid to a liquid at its melting point called? heat of fusion
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