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RADT 456 Unit 2

ARRT registry review covering Unit 2: Equipment Operation and Quality Control

Congruence of the x-ray beam with the light field is tested using_____ radiopaque objects
What is the relationship between kV and HVL? as kV increases, HVL decreases
The essential function of a phototimer is to_____ terminate the x-ray exposure once the IR is correctly exposed
In which interaction does an electron approach a positive nuclear charge and change direction and lose energy? Bremsstrahlung radiation production
What is the voltage ripple associated with three-phase, six-pulse rectified generator? 13%
What is the device that receives the remnant beam, converts it into light, and then increases the brightness of that light image intensifier
What is the end result when a high-speed electron enters the tungsten target and is attracted to the positive nucleus of a tungsten atom and, in the process, decelerates? Bremsstrahlung radiation
What is used in digital fluoroscopy, replacing the image intensifier's television camera tube? charge-coupled device
In fluoroscopy, what is the automatic brightness control used to adjust? kVp and mA
When the radiographer selects the kVp on the control panel, which device is adjusted? autotransformer
As electrons impinge on the target surface, less than 1% of their kinetic energy is changed to _______ x-rays
What is the system that functions to compensate for changing patient/part thickness during fluoroscopic procedures? automatic brightness control
What is the device used to ensure reproducible radiographs, regardless of tissue-density variations? phototimer
What is the device used to change alternating current to unidirectional current? solid-state diode
To maintain clarity in an image-intensifier system, the path of electron flow from the photocathode to the output phosphor is controlled by _________ electrostatic lenses
What is the term to describe the amount of electric charge flowing per second? current
Which part of an induction motor is located within the x-ray tube glass envelope? rotor
Which part of the induction motor is located outside the x-ray tube glass envelope? stator
Which device is used to control voltage by varying resistance? rheostat
Light sensitive AEC devices are known as _____ phototimers
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