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SBA Unit 2

Importance of Place

What are the means to achieving sustainable site design 1. Use exist'g structures, create density 2. Locate to optimize transportation choices 3. Harness bioclimatic resources 4. Protect ESA's 5. Use sustainable materials 6. Use sustainable job site operations
Define site planning The art of aranging building sites on the land, and shaping the spaces between
Define site analysis Site analysis includes completing an inventory and analysis of the site inorder to inform decisions about developing a site.
What triggers site planning 1. Land but no use 2. Use and a specific site 3. Use but no site
What are the 4 phases of site planning 1. Program 2. Site Analysis 3. Alternative evaluation 4. Plan development
Does planning guarantee success NO
What does market analysis determine 1. The strength of the local economy 2. Demand for the proposed use 3. Preferences for cost, size, type, and amenities 4. Price range for built project
What problems and opportunities does site analysis identify Natural systems, Man-made systems, Community goals, Potential uses fro site
What are the principles of site analysis Immobility of land, Each site is unique, Indestructible, Scarcity, Improvements
What are two key questions of site analysis What are the physical characteristics of the site and its surroundings? Will the proposed use fit?
What are the 4 basic steps of site analysis 1. Compile published information about the site 2. Conduct community research 3. Conduct field research 4. Analyze data and produce report
Describe "Compile published info about site" Info from Municipal govt. - comprehensive plans, zoning, topo, planimetric and tax maps; Fed. govt - USGS maps, Aerials; Private sources - surveys, insurance maps, title reports
Describe "Conduct Community research" Previous uses, adj prop uses, proximity to services-schools, transportation, parks,fire & police, retail
Describe "Conduct field research" Visit site and identify site boundaries; site analysis check list and make notations on map; take photos
Describe "Analyze data and produce report" A written report that identifies structural elements, areas best left undeveloped, areas best for development; Dynamic aspects of site; Determine if present use should be preserved; how project will fit in context
What three aspects of the environment does transportation affect Atmosphere - air pollution,greenhouse gas emmissions; Hydrosphere - stormwater runoff, erosion, pollution; Biosphere - destruction of habitat
According to Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees, how can a single family residence reduce their ecological footprint by a factor of three Moving from a single family house to a similar market value multi unit condo and replacing a std size car for a compact efficient car
Define Ecological Footprint (blank)
What were the findings of the study "Measuring the Health Effects of Sprawl (US) People who live in counties with sprawl style devlopments tend to weigh more, more like to be obese,more likely to have high blood pressure
What percentage of the global passenger fleet is in the US 25%
How often does the US drive compared to other countries 10% more than UK, 50% more than Germany, 200% more than Japan
In 1999, how much of the world's gas was consumed by the US 43%
How much carbon does the US passenger car fleet produce It produces as much carbon as the entire Japanese economy which is the fourthlargest carbon emitter.
What is the capacity within 5 years of widening highways 90% capacity
What is the capacity of regular lanes to HOV lanes Regular lanes carry 1/3 the number of people
Transportation problems Sprawl-trains people to drive; Poor planning-fragmented growth; Structural problems- legislation encourages auto transportation
What is Smart Growth It is development that serves the economy, the community and the environment
How does smart growth try to shape development To achieve healty communities, balanced development, economic development, strong neighborhoods, transportation chioces
How is smart growth achieved Mixed land use, take advantage of existing community assets, Create range of housing opportunities and choices, Foster walkable close knit neighborhoods, Communities w/strong sense of place, Preserve open space, Strengthen existing communities
(cont. from above) Provide transportation choices, Make development decisions predictable, fair and cost effective; Encourage citizen involvement in development decisions
What are Brownfields A brownfield is a property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by thre presence of hazardous substance, pollutant or contaminant
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