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Sushi Study Guide

Made this for you all to study online when you want

Asparagus Roll fresh asparagus
Basic Shrimp Tempura Roll fried shrimp and eel sauce
California Roll cucumber, avocado, crab
Cucumber Roll cucumbers
Philadelphia Roll salmon, cucumber, cream cheese
Spicy Fresh Scallops Roll cucumber, scallions, fresh scallops, spicy dust and spicy sauce
Salmon Roll salmon
Fresh Water Eel Roll eel, avocado, and cucumber, eel sauce
Salmon Tempura Roll fried salmon and eel sauce
Spicy Salmon Roll salmon, cucumber, scallions, spicy dust & spicy sauce
Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, cucumber, scallions, spicy dust & sauce
Spicy White Tuna Roll white tuna, cucumber, scallions, spicy dust and spicy sauce
Spicy Yellowtail Roll yellowtail, cucumber, scallions, spicy dust & spiy sauce
Tuna Roll - tuna
Vegetable Roll assorted fresh veggies
Yellowtail Roll yellowtail and scallions
California Dreamin' California Tempura California Roll Tempura Fried & Topped With Spicy Crab Salad
Captain Crunch Shrimp Tempura Shrimp Tempura, Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, Tempura Flakes, & Eel Sauce
King Crab Spicy Crab Spicy Crab Roll Topped With Spicy Crab Mix & Rolled In Tempura Flakes
Liberty Bell Philadelphia Tempura Philadelphia Roll Tempura Fried & Topped With Spicy Crab Salad
Spicy Tuna Tempura Spicy Tuna Roll Tempura Fried & Topped With Spicy Crab Salad
Spider Soft Shell Crab, Avocado, Cucumber, Green Onions, Crab Mix, Masago, Eel & Spicy Sauce
Tuna King Spicy Tuna Spicy Tuna Roll Topped With Spicy Tuna
Veggie Tempura Assorted Veggies Tempura Fried & Topped With Spicy Crab Salad
Crunchy Calamari Tempura Calamari, Crab & Cream Cheese Topped With Tempura Flakes & Eel Sauce
Dance Marathon Asparagus Tempura, Spicy Mayo, Crab Meat & Avocado, Topped With Red Tuna, Tobikko & Spicy Sauce
Dragon Tempura Crab Meat Topped With Eel, Avocado, Eel Sauce & Sesame Seeds
Formosa - Avocado, Green Onions, & White Fish Rolled & Tempura Fried Topped With Dynamite Cream Cheese, Lotus Root, Spicy & Eel Sauce
Futomaki Assorted Vegetables & Sweet Egg Rolled Inside Out
Green Monster Assorted Vegetables, Topped With Seaweed Salad & Avocado, Honey Mayo & Spicy Lobster Sauce
Jalapeno Salmon, Tuna, Red Snapper, Jalapeno, Scallions, Avocado, & Cucumber Rolled In Soy Paper, Topped With Spicy Lobster Sauce
Las Vegas -(Our Most Popular Roll) Crab Meat, Cream Cheese & Japanese Sweet Potato Tempura Fried, Topped With Spicy Tuna & Crab Mix, Spicy & Eel Sauce, Tempura Flakes
Plaza Tower Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese, Green Onions, Topped With Spicy Tuna, Tempura Flakes, Spicy & Mango Sauce
Rainbow Eel & Avocado, Topped With Assorted Fish & Eel Sauce
Red Diamond Spicy Salmon, Green Onions, Cucumber & Jalapeno, Topped With Avocado, Sriracha Hot Sauce & Spicy Sauce
Red Moon Salmon, Cream Cheese & Cucumber Rolled Inside Of Cucumber Shell
Salmon Delight Fresh Scallop, Scallions & Cucumber, Topped With Salmon, Avocado & Thinly Sliced Lemon, Tataki Sauce & Honey Mayo
Salmon Lover Philadelphia Philadelphia Roll Topped With Salmon & Avocado
Scorpion Shrimp Tempura Shrimp Tempura, Cream Cheese & Cucumber, Topped With Spicy Crab Mix, Tempura Flakes, Eel & Spicy Sauce
Sunshine Salmon, Tuna & Avocado Rolled Inside Of Cucumber Shell
Surf & Turf Beef, Asparagus, Avocado, Cucumber, & Spicy Crab Salad, Topped With Eel Sauce & Honey Mayo
Tiger Shrimp Spicy Shrimp Tempura, Avocado & Cucumber, Topped With Cooked Tiger Shrimp & Spicy Lobster Sauce
Tropical Rainforest Salmon, Mango & Cream Cheese, Topped With Avocado, Sunflower Seeds, Eel & Mango Sauce
Tuna Tataki Spicy White Fish, Green Onions, Jalapeno, & Cilantro, Topped With Seared Tuna, Sweet Hot Sauce & Honey Mayo
Created by: 800360384