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SBA Unit 1

Fundamentals of Sustainable Building and Design

Define sustainability Meeting today's needs without compromising the resources of future generations. (World Commission on Environment and Development
What are the 3 E's of sustainability Environment, Economy, Equity/Social Benefit
Environment ENVIRONMENT: Sustainability aims to protect the environment by minimizing the use of non-renewable resources and using renewable resources at a rate they can be sustained.
Economy ECONOMY: Sustainability aims at developing an economy that is vital and dynamic and integrated with environmental goals
Equity/Social Benefit EQUITY/SOCIAL BENEFIT: Sustainabilty aims at ensuring that while achieving environmental and economic goals, all aspects of society are benefited and no aspects of society are harmed
Name 2 environmental problems Resource Depletion and Environmental Pollution
Resource Depletion Non-renewable resources are heavily relied on to support human activities and renewable resources are being used at faster rate than they can be sustained. Heavily weighted in "Developed World"
Environmental Pollution Human activities create too much waste for the earth's stystems (water, air, soil, biological)to assimilate. Production of persistent materials that last in the earth's natural systems can be harmful to life
Buildings role in resource depletion 40% world's total energy use, 30% raw materials consumption, 25% timber harvest, 35% world's CO2 emmissions, 16% fresh water withdrawal, 40% solid waste to landfills, 50% ozone depleting CFC's in use
What other systems do buildings affect Watersheds, habitat, air quality, community transportation
Buildings role in environmental pollution Energy use results in air pollution, global warming, climate change, potential degradation of remaining pristine preserves (to get more fossil fuel). Landscape destruction, construction waste to landfills,unhealthy indoor air
Define Green Building Green building incorporates principles, techniques and materials that conserve natural resources and improve environmental quality throughout a buildings life-cycle
What are the 3 green building priorities Resource conservation, Ecosystem protection, Indoor Environmental Quality
Benefit of green building to contractors Increased marketing, financial savings & incentives
Benefit of green building to homeowners Thermal comfort, lower utility bills, healthier, financial benefits
Benefit of green building to commercial owners/tenants Financial benefits, improved health and productivity
What are Market Driven Initiatives Market driven initiatives are non-regulatory partnerships developed by the public and private sector together at local and national levels
What is LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
What is EEBA Energy and Environmental Building Association
How does green building address environmental problems - Global Climate Change Upgraded building envelope, CDL waste reduction, Tree preservation, CFC & HCFC free insulation
How does green building address environmental problem- Salmon Fisheries Decline Amend soil w/compost, Efficient framing techniques, Pervious paving
What's different about Sustainable Design Sustainability is responsible stewardship of our natural, human, financial resources through a practical and balanced approach. Sustainability requires changes to the facility delivery process to ensure the "best fit" of built to natural environments
When should sustainability be integrated into a project Integrate into project goals as early as possible. The end user should participate in setting goals. There will be a longer time framework
Who should be involved Interdisciplinary teamwork critical for maximum success
Budget planning There will be more upfront costs which will pay-off over time
What should the Design Process look like Pre-design, Schematic design, Design development, Construction design, Construction, Occupancy
What is CSI Construction Specifications Institute
What is RFQ (blank)
Pre-design phase (blank)
Schematic Design phase (blank)
Design Development (blank)
Construction Design (blank)
Construction (blank)
Occupancy (blank)
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