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Greek and LAtin roots

Anti, ant against
bi, bis, bin both double twice
able, ible able to can do
aud, aus hear, listen
auto, aut self
circum, circ around
deca ten
an, ian native of, reating to
chrom color
cit to call, to start
di two twice
er, or one who, that which
bibl book
brev short
graph, gram write, written
ex, e, ec, ef exit
in, il, im into
ity, ty state or quality
clud, clus, claus closed
crat, cracy rule or strength
mono one
ology study or theory, science
dem people
hemi, demi, semi half
penta five
anni, annu, enni yearly
clue, ling vwery small, weak
hex six
chron time
fract, frag break
en made of, make
intro into toward
dent tooth
meter measure
ese native of, the laguage of
pre before
tri three
duc, duct lead
ion, sion, tion act of, state of, result of
quad four
form shape
ped, pod foot
ist one who one which
ir, il,in, im not
multi several, many
non not
post after
quint five
re again back
self by oneself
sub under
super, supr above, over, more
un not, release
ater, astr star
uni one
cide, cise to kill, cut down
corp body
cred believe
cycl, cyclo wheel, circular
derm skin
Created by: ldurham11
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