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Population Pyramid a graphical representation of the distribution of various age groups in a certain area or country.
Metric System Measurements millimeter, centimeter, meter, kilometer
Lorenz Curve a graphical representation of the distribution of wealth.
International Monetary Fund (IMF) an organization of 187 countries working to develop global financial security.
G-8 group of 8; countries that meet annually to discuss global issues.
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement; 1994 free trade among North American Countries.
Fair Trade System of exchange that honors producers, communities, consumers, and the environment
Geography Science that studies the features of Earth/
Refugee someone who has come to a new country because of war, famine, persecution, etc.
Infant Mortality Rate # of babies that die per 1000
Emigrants someone who leaves their country to settle in another.
ecological footprint measure of human demand on the earth's ecosystems
Push and Pull Factors Push: Something that causes someone to leave their country; war, famine, persecution, lack of education, etc. Pull: Something that causes someone to move to a new country; education, freedom, jobs, etc.
Population Explosion The geometrics expansion of a biological population especially the unchecked growth resulting from a decrease in infant mortality and and increase in longevity.
Population Density # of people in a unit of area. Usually measured per square mile or kilometer.
Disparity The condition or fact of being unequal as in age, rank, wealth, etc.
Latitude Lines on a map or globe measuring distance north and south of the equator
Longitude Lines on a map or globe that measure distance East and West of the Prime Meridian
GNI Index the distribution of income among individuals.
Human Development Index HDI; measures and ranks countries levels of social and economic development based on: life expectancy, yrs of school, GNI
Sustainability the capacity to endure the long-term maintenance of responsibility.
5 Themes of geography location, region, human development, movement, place
Archipelago A stretch or group of islands
Remittances a sum of money sent
Gender equality Goal to have the equality of genders.
Millennium Development Goala 2015: Gender Equality Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger Improve Maternal Health Ensure Environmental Sustainability Achieve Universal Primary Ed Combat Disease Develop Global Partnership Reduce Child Mortality
Purchasing Power Parity What a person can buy with their income at local prices made in a year
GNP Gross National Product; total value of all final goods and services
Age Cohort A certain age group being studied
Relative Location uses surroundings to point out location; such as nearby and next to
Absolute Location a location that is described ver specifically using things like longitude and latitude coordinates.
ProNatalist A policy that encourages women that bear children to increase population or other reasons.
AntiNatalist A policy that encourages or forces women that have less or no kids to decrease population, etc.
LEDC Less Economically Developed Country; less job availability, not as good education, usually a higher birth rate.
MEDC More Economically Developed Country; job availability, education,
Global Warming an increase in Earth's average temperature
Greenhouse Effect an atmospheric heating phenomenon caused by solar radiation.
Biodiversity The variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem
Vulnerable Species A species that is noticed because it has small #'s and if anything were to negatively affect these, it could become a threatened species.
Threatened Species Has low #'s of population and a smaller range of area to live. Likely to become endangered if negatively affect.
Endangered Species Has been negatively affected and has very low numbers, as low as 1. Can't survive and will become extinct w/out conservation efforts.
Extinct Species no longer exists due to : rapid loss of habitat, over exploitation, etc.
Man Made Disasters (Anthropogenic Hazard); a threat having an element of human intent, negligence, or error
Overexploitation when some can become extremely endangered or even extinct because of the rate in which the species is being used. e.g. Whaling, animal part trade
Universal Soil Loss Equation Mathematical model used to describe soil erosion
soil Degradation soil deteriorates because of human activity and loses it's quality/ productivity.
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