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Paintings for BGHs


Rape of Europa Titian
Night Watch Titian
Birth of Venus Boticelli
Primavera Boticelli
Oath of the Horatii Jacque-Louis David
Death of Socrates Jacque-Louis David
Death of Marat Jacque-Louis David
Liberty Leading the People Delacroix
Massacre at Chios Delacroix
View of Delft Vermeer
The Astronomer Vermeer
Girl With A Pearl Earing Vermeer
School of Athens Raphael
Transfiguration Raphael
Mona Lisa Da Vinci
The Last Supper Da Vinci
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon Picasso
Guernica Picasso
Three Musicians Picasso
The Third of May 1808 de Goya
La Maja Desnuda/La Maja Vestida de Goya
Las Meninas Velazquez
Portrait of Pope Innocent X Velazquez
The Persistance of Memory Dalí
Mont Saint-Victoire Cezanne
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte Seurat
The Potato Eaters Van Gogh
The Starry Night Van Gogh
Vase with Twelve Sunflowers Van Gogh
The Yellow House Van Gogh
Haystacks Monet
Water Lillies Monet
Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lillies Monet
Nighthawks Hopper
The Scream Munch
The Arnolfini Wedding Van Eyck
Assumption of the Virgin El Greco
The Burial of the Count of Orgaz El Greco
View of Toledo El Greco
The Storm on the Sea of Galilee Rembrandt
Night Watch Rembrandt
Impression, Sunrise Monet
Rake's Progress Hogarth
Conversion of St. Paul Caravaggio
The Battle of Trafalgar Turner
The Hare Albrecht Durer
The Last Judgment Michelangelo
Jazz Matisse
The Snail Matisse
Bathers Renoir
The Swing Renoir
Moulin Rouge Toulouse-Lautrec
The Fiddler Chagall
Broadway Boogie-Woogie Mondrian
Flagellation of Christ della Francesca
Resurrection della Francesca
Prometheus Bound Rubens
Elevation of the Cross Rubens
The Farm Miró
Constellations Miró
Campbell's Soup I Warhol
Eight Elvises Warhol
The Artist's Studio Courbet
A Burial at Ornans Courbet
The Judgment of Paris Rubens
Rain, Steam and Speed Turner
The Slave Ship Turner
The Hay Wain Constable
The Girlhood of Mary Virgin Rossetti (Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood)
The Dance Class Degas
Created by: professormcg
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