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FH avven-toscana

FH avventura in toscana c7-c10 vocab

percorrere to cover the distance
afferrare to grab
smettila stop it
pericoloso dangerous
pescare to fish
peggio worse
gita trip,tour
bestia beast
spingere to push
cadere to fall
corpo body
guardia del corpo body guard
giusto just, right
sorridere to smile
per finta pretend
cretino idiot
adesso now
fermarsi to stop oneself
attimo moment, instant
ceffo brute
rapire to kidnap
stratagemma trick
improvvisamente suddenly
senza without
pecora sheep
intanto meanwhile
gettare to throw
valanga avalanche
lana wool
dappertutto everywhere
sparire to disappear
impaurito scared
tempesta storm
polvere dust
sciocco silly
diavolo devil
chiave key
volante steering wheel
sparare to shoot
fulmine lightning
investire to run over
se la cava he/she manages to do something
trascinare to drag
questura police station
manata slap
ridere to laugh
nel frattempo in the meantime
ricompensa reward
Created by: gdirosario