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Pharm Ch. 10 Terms


antiemetic a drug that inhibits impulses that cause vomiting from going to the stomach
diverticular disease formation and inflammation of an outpcketing from the colon wall.
emesis vomiting
gastritis irritation and superficial erosion of the stomach lining
GERD a GI disease characterized by radiating burning or pain in the chest and an acid taste, caused by backflow of acidic stomach contents across an incompetent lower esophageal sphincter; also referred to as heartburn
hemorrhoids engargements of the vascular cushions situated within sphincter muscles; ruslts from pressure exerted on anal veins while straining to pass a stool
hepatitis a disea of the liver that causes inflammation, can be acute or chronic, and has several forms fromA through G
hepatitis A a viral form of hepatitis that is usually mild and transient and can be spread from one person to another
hepatitis B the most dangerous form of hepatitis, accoumpanied by jaundice and easily spread from one person to another
hepatitis C an infection of the liver that cannot be spread from one person to another by contact; most commonly transmitted by blood transfusions or illicit drug use
host the animal on which parasite feeds
IBS a funtional disorder in which the lower GI tract does not have appropriate tone or spasticity to regulate bowel activity
IVIG the notation for the immune globulin that is given intravenously
malaria an infectious febrile disease caused by protozoan Plasmadium and trasmitted by the Anopheles mosquito
morbid obesity a state in which an individual's weight is two or more times the ideal body weight
obesity a state in which an individual's total body weight includes greater quantites of fat than considered normal
protozoan a single-celled animal
reflux backflow; specifically in GERD, the backflow of acidic stomach contents across an incompetent lower esophageal sphincter
stress ulcer a peptic ulcer, usually gastric, that occurs in clinical setting; caused by a breakdown of natural mucosal resistance
traveler's diarrhea diarrhea caused by ingesting contaminated foor or water; so called because it is often contracted by traveler's in countries where the water supply is contaminated
vertigo the sensation of the room spinning when one gets up or changes positions; can be treated with anticholinergic agents
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