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Ch 5 Russia

Spalding Academy 9th Grade 2011

Society based on equality in which workers would control industrial production Communism
Ruler of Russia until the 1917 revolution Czar
Russian term for a new “openness,” part of Mikhail Gorbachev’s reform plans Glasnost
Soviet labor camp Gulag
Religious image, usually including a picture of Jesus, Mary, or a saint, used mainly by Orthodox Christians Icon
The by-product of producing nuclear power Nuclear waste
In Russian, “restructuring;” part of Gorbachev’s plan for restructuring Soviet gov’t Perestroika
Permanently frozen layer of soil beneath the surface of the ground Permafrost
An attack on Jews carried out by government troops or officials Pogrom
A government program that required everyone in the empire to speak Russian and to become Christian Russification
Laborer obliged to remain on the land where he or she works Serf
Vast treeless plains in the cold northern climates, characterized by permafrost and small, low plants, such as mosses and shrubs Tundra
Be able to identify the following on the map: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Volga River, Black Sea, Ural Mountains, Siberia, Northern European Plain (see map)
What are the major climate regions in Russia and how do they determine where people live? Tundra, subarctic, humid continental, steppes. People more likely to live in humid continental due to fertile soil and moderate temperatures. Able to grow lots of food. The other climates there are fewer natural resources. Harsher temperatures.
Name of the mountain chain that separates western Russia from eastern Russia Ural Mountains
Number of times zones in Russia 11
Deepest freshwater lake in the world Lake Baikal
What was the Cold War? Explain. 1945-1991. Political conflict between the capitalist world (US, NATO, western world) and the communist world (USSR, satellites). Included military tension, proxy wars, and economic competition.
What would be the disadvantages and disadvantages of an ethnic group forming an independent country? Advantages: self-rule, national identity, and ethnic pride. Disadvantages: lack of social services provided by strong central gov’t, limited natural resources and economic activities
Why do you think Russian lawmakers have restricted activity by religious groups other than Russia's 4 traditional religions? Traditional resistance to religion under Soviet system, fear of influence of Western missionaries, need to use religion to unite diverse population
What percentage of Russia in non-religious? 70%
What are the four main religions in Russia? Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist
How is Russia’s economic development related to the environment? As Russia developed as a country, they exploited the environment. During the Cold War era, they were more concerned with competing with the west than caring for the environment.
Unites the Slav territories and forms Russia Ivan the Terrible
Modernizes Russia and builds a new capital called the “window to the West” Peter the Great
Secures a warm water port on the Black Sea, most nobles speak French Catharine the Great
Proponent of communism Karl Marx
Last Russian czar Nicholas II
Name of the Bolshevik leader who was the founder of Russian communism Lenin
Name of the Russian Communist leader who instated the 5-year plans and shipped people to gulags during and after WWII Stalin
Name of the Soviet premier who allowed the USSR to dissolve in 1991 Gorbachev
Prime minister of Russia Putin
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