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Book: Ecological Design

Sustainability and DesignAnswer
How many miles of rain forest are lost each day? 100 square miles
Technological Sustainability "Every problem has either a technological answer or market solution . . ." It is about expert interventions . . .
Ecological Sustainability "It is the task of finding alternatives to the practices that got us into trouble in the first place" Grassroots, local community involved in making the change
What do proponents of technological sustainability believe? They assert that a fundamental change in direction is not necessary
Definition of sustainable development according to 1987 report "Our Common Future" Development that meets the needs of the present w/o compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" - technological sustainabilty
How does the "Our Common Future" report propose to attain sustainability? "more rapid economic growth in both industrial and developing countries, lower interest rates, greater technology transfer, significantly larger capital flows." - technological sustainabiltiy
What does Technological Sustainabilty neglect? the details of culture and community
What does Ecological Sustainability embrace? limits to technology, material wants, stress placed on biosphere, and hubris
David Orr's four characteristics of Ecological Sustainability 1. people are finite & fallible, 2. a sustainable world be redesigned and rebuilt only from the bottom up, 3. traditional knowledge that co-evolves out of culture and place is critical, 4. the true harvest of evolution is encoded in nature's design
What is the the significant change in architecture over the last century? The growing dependence of homes on centrlized technological infrastructures for the provisions of food, fuel, water, and building materials
What is the US use of world energy production One BTU in twleve is used to heat and cool US building stock
How much energy does it take to heat and cool US building stock? p.8 On average it takes as much energy to heat and cool for three years as it took to build it in the first place.
What is the largest source of air pollution after cars? home furnaces
What is the avg. water use per household inhabitant per day? Between 150-200 gallons
What is the avg. amount of garbage produced per person in US? 4.5 lbs per day or 2.5-5 tons per year
Epitemology p. 8 What philosophers call a filter that detemines what counts as knowledge
Environmental and Design Crisis p. 9 Design manifests culture. Present forms of agriculture, arch, engr, industry are incompatible with nature
Dumb Design p.10 design that fails to consider the health of human communities or of ecosystems, let alone the prerequisites of creating an actual place. It is wasteful of energy and resources
Define design as per book p. 8 Design is the intentional shaping of matter, energy, and process to meet a perceived need or desire. A hinge the inevitably connects culture and nature through exchanges of materials, flows of energy and choices of land use
The way we design as per Wendell Berry p. 9 A solution that causes a ramifying series of new problems, the only limiting criterion being, apparently, that the new problems should arise beyond the purview of the expertise that produced the solution
Our designs have reduced a complex and diverse landscape to what asphalted networks made from crude design templates
For most of this century architectural design has been informed by what type of metaphor Metaphor of the Machine
Where does 40% of the US energy consumption go It can be traced to building construction, materials, and maintenance
What does anthropologist Gregory Bateson say about Lake Erie that comments on the way we currently design p. 14 Lake Erie is used as a trash can without thinking about the wider ramifications of damaging this part of a greater whole
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