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RADT 456: Pat. Care

ARRT registry review covering patient care

Infective microbes begin to multiply in what stage? incubation period
What do some people experience when they rise quickly from a recumbent position? orthostatic hypotension
What is the normal adult systolic pressure range? 100-140 mm Hg
The IV bag should be placed how far above the level of the vein? 18-24 inches
What is the term used for the period of contraction of the heart chambers? systole
What is the term used for the period of relaxation of the heart chambers? diastole
What is the average rate of respiration for a normal adult? 10-20
What is the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms through the process of disinfection? medical asepsis
What is the most important precaution in the practice of aseptic technique? washing your hands
What is the normal blood urea nitrogen (BUN) range? 8-25 mg/100 mL
Which gauge needle has a smaller diameter bore? 18 or 23 23
What is the normal adult diastolic range? 60-90 mm Hg
What is the normal creatinine range? 0.6-1.5 mg/100 mL
What is an iatrogenic infection caused by? physician intervention
What drug is used to treat dysrhythmias? lidocaine
Hirschsprung disease affects what age group? neonate
What can you do to reduce the viscosity of contrast? warming it
What is indicated by the abbreviation qid? four times a day
What is the term used for removal of all microorganisms and their spores? surgical asepsis
A patient tells you they are experiencing pain in their leg, is this objective or subjective data? subjective
Created by: bmhedinger