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QM Registry Ch.7

QC of X-ray Generators and Ancillary Radiographic Equip't

The actual area of the x-ray tube target from which x-rays are emitted actual focal spot
Electronic system that terminates the x-ray exposure once an adequate amount of radiation has been emitted automatic exposure control
A portion of an AEC system that compares the amount of radiation detected with a preset value comparator
International System of Units radiation intensity equivalent to 3876 roentgens coulomb/kilogram
AKA sensor, it is a radiation detector that monitors the radiation exposure at or near the patient and produces a corresponding electric current that is proportional to the quantity of x-rays detected detector
The area of the x-ray tube target that emits x-rays when viewed from the perspective of the image receptor effective focal spot
An increase in stated focal spot size, usually as a result of an increase in mA focal spot blooming
The margin of error in centering the central ray of the x-ray beam to the center of the grid grid latitude
The amount of filtering material that reduces the intensity of radiation to one-half of its previous value half-value layer
A type of x-ray generator that dramatically increases the frequency of altering current sent to the x-ray tube high-frequency
A device used in quality control testing that is uniform in thickness and density homogenous phantom
A type of gas-filled radiation detector ion chamber
A rating of power output for x-ray generators kilowatt rating
Law stating that the amount of x-ray tensity should remain constant at a specific mAs value despite the mA and time combination Law of Reciprocity
A type of conventional tomography whereby the x-ray source and image receptor undergo reciprocal motion in a straight line linear tomography
A principle stating that the effective focal spot always appears smaller than the actual focal spot because of the anode angle line focus principle
Sequential increases in mAs should produce the same sequential increase in exposure rate linearity
A smaller-size x-ray generator mounted on wheels that can be transported to various locations mobile x-ray generator
The region remaining relatively sharp in detail during tomographic procedures objective plane
An electronic device used for detecting photons light, x-rays, or gamma rays photodetector
A specialized type of tomographic unit that allows for multiple-direction motion of the x-ray source and image receptor pluridirectional tomography
A type of x-ray generator that is small enough to be carried from place to place by one person portable x-ray generator
The amount of x-ray intensity should remain constant at a specific mAs value despite the mA and time combination reciprocity
The same technique setting should always create the same exposure rate at any time reproducibility
The special unit of radiation exposure or intensity roentgen
The radiation detector assembly in an AEC system sensor
A type of x-ray generator with a single source of alternating current single-phase
A radiation detector with silicon and germanium crystals solid state detector
An alternating-current power source made up of three single-phase currents that are staggered by 120 degrees three-phase
The variation from the peak voltage through the x-ray tube in an x-ray generator voltage ripple
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