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QM Registry Ch.6

Silver Recovery

Film images made before 1974 and containing 20% more silver than film made afterward archival film
Unit of weight in the English System more commonly known as the standard ounce avoidupois oz
A potential problem in certain metallic replacement silver recovery units whereby the fixer forms a straight channel that reduces efficiency channeling
Oldest form of silver recovery. In this method the mixing of such compounds as sodium sulfite and zinc chloride with used fixer can cause a chemical reaction chemical precipitation
The amount of time that the fixer solution is in contact with the active portion of the silver recovery device dwell time
A process in which an electric charge causes a chemical change in a solution or molten substance electrolysis
Film that has not been processed green film
A method of silver recovery from used fixer solution metallic replacement
A type of electrolytic silver recovery device that recirculates fixer back into the processor after silver reclamation recirculating electrolytic unit
Exposed and processed film that is not of diagnostic use and is disposed of for silver recovery scrap exposed film
A buildup of sulfur on the electrodes in an electrolytic silver recovery unit as a result of incorrect amperage setting sulfurization
An electrolytic silver recovery device in which the used fixer is removed for disposal terminal electrolytic unit
A unit of weight used for precious metals such as silver; 14.58 troy ounces = 16 standard ounces troy oz
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