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vocab 1.13.12

objective 12.1.01

rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants acid rain
low swampy land bog
country whose government has strong control over the economy and society as a whole communist state
lack of food famine
steep-sided valley cut into mountains by the action of glaciers fjord
electricity produced by natural underground sources of stream geothermal energy
spring of water heated by molten rock inside the earth so that, from time to time, it shoots hot water into the air geyser
scottish term for valley glen
manufactured goods such as machinery, mining equipment, and steel heavy industry
Scottish word for lake or an inlet of the sea loch (lough)
treeless, windy highland area with damp ground moor
government in which voters elect representatives to a lawmaking body which chooses a prime minister to head the government parliamentary democracy
plants partly decayed in water that can be dried and used for fuel peat
marked by success or economic well-being prosperous
wooden room heated by water sizzling on hot stones sauna
a system in which the government owns or controls the production, distribution or exchange of basic goods or services socialism
material well being as measured by education, housing, healthcare and nutrition standard of living
country that uses tax money to support people who are sick, needy, jobless, or retired welfare state
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