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IED 3.3

PLTW IED 3.3 Vocabulary Words and Terms to Know

Adhesive Any synthetic product that is used to join materials together.
Adhesive Bonding 1. A plastic joining technique in which a third substance bonds a plastic to another plastic or material such as metal, rubber, ceramic, glass, or wood. 2. The process of fastening parts of metal products together permanently with non-metallic materials.
Analysis A detailed examination of the elements or structure of something.
Competitor One who competes or is a rival of another business enterprise.
Compression A force that pushes on or squeezes a material.
Fastener A hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together.
Hypothesis 1. An assumption made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation. 2. A proposed explanation for an observation. Hypothesis is an educated guess which forms a basis for a test.
Joinery The process of connecting or joining two pieces of wood together through the use of various forms of wood joints. Common forms of joinery include dovetail joinery, mortise-and-tenon joinery, biscuit joinery, lap joints, spline joints, etc.
Manufacturing Process The transformation of raw material into finished goods.
Mass The amount of matter an object contains.
Mechanical Fastener A hardware device, such as a bolt or screw, that is used to mechanically join or affix two or more plastic objects together.
Non-Renewable Resource A resource or raw material that cannot be grown or replaced once used.
Part Interaction A kind of action which occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another.
Renewable Resource A resource or raw material that can be grown and replaced.
Reverse Engineering Taking something apart and analyzing its workings in detail, usually with the intention to understand function, prepare documentation, electronic data, or construct a new or improved device or program, without actually copying from the original.
Snap-Fit A molded-in piece in a plastic assembly that is designed to form a mechanical joint system where part-to-part attachment is accomplished with locating and locking features to connect components together.
Stress The pressure or tension exerted on a material object.
Surface Area 1. The sum of all the areas of all the faces or surfaces that enclose a solid. 2. The sum of all the areas of all surfaces of a solid.
Teardown The process of taking apart a product to better understand it.
Tension A force that pulls on a material.
Torsion The twisting of a material.
Volume The amount of space occupied by a substance or object or enclosed within a container.
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